Welcome to TRIM Magazine, Rutgers’ #1 publication dedicated to providing the university’s community with a variety of topics ranging from lifestyle, culture, and fashion. We are an entirely student-run organization, which means all content of design, photography, articles, and administration has been created by a talented group of current students from various majors throughout the New Brunswick, NJ campus.


It was in a large, white square room full of charcoal smudges and ink splatters where the idea of TRIM was born. Geraldson Chua and Kana Abe, both previous students of Mason Gross School of the Arts, came to the conclusion in their drawing class one day that there was a need for a new publication in the Rutgers’ community where art students could present their talents and visions, while working with other students in various fields to create a body of work that was both entertaining and meaningful. Between the time and effort from founding editors Geraldson, Kana, Laura Pulgarin, Sandra Pavleska, David Rothstein, Mike Morton, Adam Lowe, and Lauren Nester a new magazine was created and served as a platform for all majors to collaborate together in creating a complete issue once per semester.


Over the years TRIM Magazine has become one of the most popular publications on campus, allowing for its members to work together within their department and with professionals in various fields. Our mission as a Rutgers publication is to provide an opportunity for students to get first-hand experience in their interests that lay ahead after graduation in a fully operating organization, while also making connections in the professional world to lead to future projects, internships, and jobs. TRIM has also helped its members build both a portfolio and resume upon completion of various projects for both the issue’s content and administrative duties. We’re a proud group that strives on creativity, teamwork, and dedication.


The content of TRIM incorporates a variety of categories ranging from lifestyle, culture, and fashion. As a team we aim to include topics that the Rutgers community  would be interested in reading, in many cases relating to our awesome state of New Jersey. Our readers have the option of flipping through shopping pages of the latest trends, articles based on the local community, editorials encompassing stories of inspirational students or recent events, and fashion spreads that tell a story within a series of images. Each semester brings a different season, and so over the course of a few months we prepare a complete issue from cover to cover filled with fun and unique pages for our readers.

TRIM Magazine’s Fall/Winter Issue is released every November, and the Spring/Summer issue is released every April.

For more information check out our Facebook or email us.


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