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That Time I… Was a Keds Ambassador

College students are always on the look-out for internships and opportunities to gain experience before venturing out into real world; during my freshman year at Rutgers, I was lucky enough to intern with Keds as a campus brand ambassador. I landed the brand ambassadorship by simply filling out a short Facebook application at one of the booths at the Seventeen Magazine Campus tour when they visited the Rutgers Livingston campus, and got a call back a week later informing me that I had been chosen to represent Keds for the school year.

The Keds internship kicked off with an all expenses paid 2 day orientation in New York City, where we met the other ambassadors and program directors. Our monthly assignments included creating haul videos, hosting free giveaways on campus, participating in community service events, and posting on various social media handles. Every month, Keds sent each campus ambassador a care package of clothes and shoes to wear and market at our universities, and to help us complete our monthly assignments. My responsibilities included posting outfits and using social media to promote the American canvas shoe brand that was established in 1916.

The internship pushed me to acquire business skills necessary as a marketing major; it has led to much self learning, discovery, and experimentation. I stayed in close contact with the ambassador program director through e-mail, informing her of my progress or completion of assignments. The internship was very flexible to our school schedules, and all the ambassadors had a lot of fun accomplishing  creative tasks.



Why is Keds such a great brand? The products are simply comfortable, cute, and fun to wear with their bold colors and designs. People are particularly drawn to Keds because they can choose to dress casually (and still look good), or find ways to dress Keds up and be fashion forward. Keds radiates pure positivity and confidence and sets the valuable example that modesty is beauty, and simplicity is trendy. Thanks to the Brave Girls campaign, with Taylor Swift as the face of the company, Keds stands out among other brands by encouraging girls to seize opportunities that can make you a better person by taking one step at a time, one brave act at a time.

This was Keds’ first year holding its campus ambassador program, and they plan to continue the successful program in the upcoming years. There were 12 chosen ambassadors studying in universities spread across the United States, 4 of which were located at Rutgers because we are such a large university.If you are interested in getting some marketing experience and wish to apply for the ambassadorship, the online application is here! You can explore other great opportunities that Keds offers at as well as shop around and check out their style at

Stay classy,

Jasmine Cheung

Instagram: justkedding



One thought on “That Time I… Was a Keds Ambassador

  1. I plan on applying for the keds ambassador program and I was wondering if you could offer up any advice on how to set myself a part in the application process? How did you make your application stand out?

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