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How To: Eat a Balanced Diet

Summer is in full throttle which probably means your diet isn’t. Burgers, ice cream, alcohol and all the other delicious seasonal favorites are starting to consume our fridges & pantries making an impact on our waistlines . Despite all the fattening foods though, there are fun and creative ways to keep your eating habits healthy and balanced for the rest of the summer.



Clean eating isn’t as boring and strict as you might assume. There are plenty of ways to make eating healthy enjoyable and part of your lifestyle. Start by making simple switches, such as buying fat free milk instead of 2%, natural peanut butter instead of regular, whole wheat products instead of white, greek yogurt instead of regular, etc. These are simple changes that offer more nutrients while minimizing taste changes. In addition, cut out soda and juices and stick to water! The benefits of water are infinite.



Many people assume that eating healthy is boring but it can be quite fun. A lot of fruits and vegetables are in season during summer and can be bought at your local market or grown in your own backyard! Fruits & veggies are also beneficial but can be easily ignored however, there are many different ways to incorporate them into your diet tastefully.

Here are a few to prove that they are delicious (but still healthy):



The recipes are endless and there is surely something that fits for everyone. Of course I rarely pass up dessert (specifically ice cream! ) but I try to have a well balanced diet and you should too!





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