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6 Best Moments of Bonnaroo 2014

This past weekend, this stellar roommate duo, packed up their bags and headed down south for Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. After finally arriving back home in NJ after many, many unplanned pit stops along the way, we can easily say that this past weekend was one of the best we’ve ever had. Here are some of our favorite moments from the trip:


1. The High-five line

When people told us Bonnaroo was filled with nothing but positive vibes, they weren’t kidding. Walking into Centeroo the first day of the festival, everyone waiting to get in greeted each other with a legendary high-five train. It was impossible not to smile as you slapped hands with strangers and wished them a “Happy Bonnaroo”


2. Kanye’s Insane Performance (In many ways)



Kanye West took the stage Friday night as one of the headliners of the festival. It was expected that he would shell out an unforgettable performance of course, but his commentary during was what really made the show memorable. Chanting things like “F**k The Press, where the press at?” (Oops, sorry Kanye), and proudly exclaiming he was “The best motherf**cking rockstar on the planet” he really grabbed everyone’s attention. It was ridiculous, it was insanity, but you gotta admit, the guy put on a kick-ass show.


3.  Incredible outfits



Everyone brought some personality to the festival through their clothing. Whether it’d be a crazy costume of sorts or just  unique bohemian style, we were surrounded by fashion creativity this weekend which was incredibly inspiring to say the least.


4. Talking to & befriending people from all over the US



Whether you were in line to get food, waiting for a performance, or at your campsite, everyone was always willing to strike up a conversation about anything. It was nothing short of incredible to talk with people from all over, and to hear their stories about seeing artists in their hometown or their own insane commute to Bonnaroo. Even on the ride up on Wednesday, we would pass people who were going to Bonnaroo on the road and all cheer together.


5.  Hundreds of thousands of people singing along to Elton John

Now, we’ve all heard a crowd sing along at concerts, and it’s a pretty cool experience. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard close to 100,000 people sing along to a song, until Elton John took the stage Sunday night. Hearing everyone sing along to “Tiny Dancer” was, undoubtedly, the coolest experience to date. We got an even more interesting perspective a few songs later, when we decided to sit down to watch the rest of the show, and could even more prominently hear the crowd singing along to “Rocket Man”.


6.  Zedd’s Lasers



It’s safe to say that Zedd completely captivated the crowd towards the end of the set by taking the lasers to a whole new level. The crowd, including us, watched in awe at the lasers in the sky and through the trees. It was a cool experience, for sure.


It goes without saying that this was an unforgettable experience for both of us. Hopefully this is something that will turn into a yearly tradition for us. Maybe next year we’ll see you there?


Stay Groovy,

Danielle Amato and Victoria Tripsas



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