Say Anything Hebrews Review

Say Anything?

Okay, I’ll say this:

Say Anything is back with their 6th full-length studio album! The project, entitled Hebrews, is different from any of the band’s previous albums in that it contains no guitars. Imagine that, right? Instead it plays with new arrangements but manages to keep a similar feel to the pop punk music its fans fell in love with.



When the first song on the album started, the circus-y and playful feel made me think I had mistakenly clicked on one of fun.’s albums instead. My confusion wasn’t a bad thing–just unexpected. That being said, Say Anything’s familiar style soon showed itself with its talking-singing-screaming variations.

“Six Six Six”, the second song, starts out invitingly with a burst of string instruments and sounds quite epic, if you ask me. It’s a good thing it does, since it’s the first single from the new album. The song stands as a good representation of the album by blending the band’s old and new styles.

As the album goes on, you can definitely tell you’re listening to Say Anything but you’re surprised with various new elements that add interesting twists to the songs. The song “Hebrews” especially involves a lot of strings with several parts of the song using them to draw from Jewish cultural influences. There are even guest vocalists from similar genres to Say Anything on virtually every song, essentially guaranteeing a mix of the new and familiar.

Finally, why Hebrews, you ask? Well, Max Bemis, the lead singer and writer of most of the songs, just so happens to be Jewish.



I recommend this album to existing fans of Say Anything and people who have not gotten into the band yet but would appreciate a new spin on their music. So, basically everyone.

Hebrews is available today (June 10th) via Equal Vision Records.

Favorite song: “The Shape of Love to Come”

For Fans of: The Front Bottoms, Motion City Soundtrack, Taking Back Sunday, and maybe even fun.




Twitter and IG: kaityrog



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