Trim Treats: Iced Coffee

Summer temps are rapidly approaching which means the cool trend of Iced Coffee is making its seasonal debut. Although you can definitely find people casually sipping on their peppermint or gingerbread iced coffee in the dead of winter, nothing beats the refreshing chill from a cup of iced perfection on a scorching day.




I, personally, am obsessed with iced coffee and my day is not complete without it. So to further enhance my crazed addiction (yet still preserve my diminishing bank account) I decided to make my own …and after many trials and many errors I have found several tips and techniques that make it taste just as good as the magic produced from your favorite coffee hot spot (and not to mention it’s super easy!)


The basic procedure is as simple as can be:

  • Brew your favorite coffee (Hazelnut is my current fav)
  • Let it chill
  • Fill a cup with ice
  • Add coffee and your favorite fixings
  • Finish with a straw





Tips & techniques

  • Add ground coffee and water measurements in a jar or closed container overnight, drain in the morning for flavorful & already chilled coffee
  • Freeze milk, coffee or creamer in ice cube form to avoid a watery taste & add extra flavor
  • Make your coffee 2-3x stronger to maintain flavor if the above option isn’t available ^
  • Add whipped cream & top with chocolate syrup, cinnamon or anything you want
  • Drink your iced coffee out of a mason jar (super cool fad )
  • Don’t forget a cool straw
  • Lastly… experiment, be creative and make all your iced coffee dreams come true from the comfort of your own kitchen!







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