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6 Apps You Need in Your Life

There’s an app for everything, but it can sometimes be hard to figure out which apps are really worth your time (and money). Here is a list of 6 apps you will fall in love with.

1. BBC News App

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.40.18 PM

Price: Free!

“I highly recommend the BBC News app. I know it totally sounds nerdy of me and isn’t beauty related, but it keeps me up to date with world events and the stock market. These things are excellent to know for job interviews because interviewers will ask questions!”  -Jenn Kim


2. Get Some Headspace

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.45.11 PM

Price: Free!

” [Get Some Headspace] is a meditation app that you use to take 10 minutes out of each day to listen to a voice-guided meditation. It really helps me relax especially when I have a lot of things going on and I’m really stressed out” -Keith Coldon


3. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 6.48.35 PM

Price: $0.99

“It tracks all your sleeping habits throughout the night. You can also set an alarm that will wake you up as close to that time as it can, ideally when you are at your lightest sleep, so it is a more peaceful wake-up. It makes mornings a lot easier.” -Kelsey Weidmann


4. ROOM for thought

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 8.16.37 PM

Price: Free!

“It’s an app that opens and takes a picture at random times during the day to make an “accidental scrapbook” by making note of all of the little moments during the day! The app alerts you at a different time each day, and once you open it, it gives you 3 seconds to focus the camera before snapping the picture, and has a feature that let’s you leave a comment about what was happening at that time.” -Danielle Amato


5. Shazam

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 8.17.00 PM

Price: Free!

“Shazam is pretty much necessary for life. It lets you identify a song that’s playing that you might not know the name of. Otherwise you might have to google some of the lyrics you pick up on, but where’s the fun in that?” -Kaitlin Rogers


6. Audible

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 8.18.03 PM

Price:  Free! (+$15 a month membership) 

” I just started the free trial. It’s a free app that lets you buy and listen to audio books from your phone and it’s great for car rides or if you’re at the beach. The only thing I don’t like is you have to pay $15 a month membership after the free trial and you have to buy each individual audio book to download. But you get a free book each month so it might be cool” -Eden Caprio


Do you have a favorite app? Tell us about it and use the hashtag #MyFaveApp


The Trim Team

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