At-Home Boardwalk Treats

The unique scent of sweet grease and saltwater, accompanied by the steaming afternoon sun and ceaseless seagull calls can only be appreciated at the Jersey Shore. A long walk on the boards with a snack in hand is an essential part of that perfectly lazy summer day. Those of us who don’t live near the beach try our best to re-create this beautiful scene but often fail to do so. But, with a bit of fun in the kitchen, you will be one step closer to that fantasy— no road trip required!

Funnel Cake



This classic boardwalk treat is a must at the Shore. It is seriously finger-lickin’ good! Just mix the batter, swirl it around in the oil, sprinkle with powdered sugar and devour!  Warning: be very careful of the hot oil because it will burn you.


Creamsicle Cupcakes

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 11.48.02 AM

Kohr’s is the place to go to grab a Creamsicle after sunbathing all day. Instead of making homemade ice cream, whip up a cupcake with the same orange-vanilla flavor! There is still the cute swirl on top like the cone, but won’t melt down your hand.


Soft Pretzels



Chewy and warm with just the right sprinkling of salt, these pretzels shouldn’t only be enjoyed by the sand! Homemade pretzels taste millions of times better than those dry and overly salted ones on the boardwalk, plus you can make as many as you want and save them for the next day! Mm mm mm!


Saltwater Taffy



Saltwater taffy conjures up memories of countless family vacations at the Shore. It is the sweetest treat at the beach and boasts hundreds of awesome flavors. Create your own at home to make it perfectly-fitted for you! Just be careful when eating it because it will easily get stuck in your teeth.

If you’d rather make some “taffy” that takes seconds and doesn’t require cooking, grab some marshmallows. Continuously pull a marshmallow apart until it gets soft and sticky. Not quite the same effect, but still yummy!



Whether you’re headed to the beach once a week or once a month this summer, don’t worry about missing out on your favorite eats. Grab an apron, some Beach Boys tunes and hit the stove. The kitchen’s calling!




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