Moving Out: Challenge Accepted

Moving out?


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Do not fear, TRIM is here! That may have been super corny, but I’ll definitely be able to save you some time and relieve you of some stress by giving you some tips and tricks for moving out and moving on this summer!




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Things will just go so smoothly. I’ll be able to pack up the past year’s worth of clothing, shoes, accessories, papers, books, and miscellaneous items the day before I move out. Who needs to organize their stuff when you can just put everything in bags? This will definitely not demand any physical work or a certain amount of strength. Moving furniture is pretty much equivalent to waving a magic wand.




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THERE IS SO MUCH. Why didn’t I start weeks ago?! I can’t go anywhere, I can’t see anyone, must finish packing. I’m sore, and this is the worst work out of my life. I just want to sit here and cry around my piles of stuff that I couldn’t put into bags because apparently garbage bags rip open after carrying just five pounds. This is all too much for me. I think I packed my cat into a box. WESTLEY?! Can you hear me?!


Figure Out Your Plan Of Action Ahead Of Time:

Source: Tumblr.com

Source: Tumblr.com

Depending on when you need to be out by, and where you’re going, this will determine how you decide when to pack up. In most cases many leases allow you to move in on or near the first of the month, which implies that you need to be out a couple days before that so the landlord can prepare for the next tenants. If you are going from one place to the next without using your parent’s house as a storage unit, don’t be afraid to work something out with your new landlord. Talk to him or her to see if you can negotiate an area to keep your stuff for a couple days until you can officially move in. Preferably a secure space either an attic, basement, or garage. However, if you are leaving stuff at your parents house you can begin to move all your belongings early on.


Get Your Supplies:


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Do a Wal-Mart or Target run to get some things you’ll be needing that will help you stay clean and organized. I suggest investing in 10-15 big, clear plastic bins.  Not only are they sturdy enough to hold a lot of your belongings, you don’t need to worry about labeling them. You’ll be able to see everything you put inside each one which is great later on if you’re looking for anything specific. Also pick up some cleaning supplies to clean at the very end. (You’re gonna want that security deposit back from the day you signed your lease) Get a Swiffer WetJet! They’re cheap and work wonders. And invest in some clorox wipes, spray, and paper towels.


Just Get Rid Of It:


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If you haven’t worn it in the past six months, you probably won’t wear it ever. Make the packing easy on yourself and don’t be afraid to give away anything you don’t want or use. It’s very important to organize the way you pack your clothes in your clear bins. First divide by season, then by tops and bottoms. Put all your winter jackets and sweaters in one bin, your winter pants and leggings in another, and so on for summer clothes too. This way when you move in you can take what you need for the time being, and when the seasons change, just switch out your wardrobe. Everything will be kept safe and clean in the bins. This also creates room for new clothes!


Get Your Friends Involved:


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It’s hard to move bulky or fragile furniture or electronics by yourself. Come up with a date closer to the end to have your friends come over to help you move out the few pieces that should be the last to go: Bed, TV, Mini-Fridge, Dressers, Couches & Chairs. These are the things that should be left for the end because they are used the most and heavy.


Do Your Last Minute Sweep:


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Now’s the time to get all the last minute things you have laying around the apartment. Throw out any food you have open or left over you don’t plan on eating now or taking with you. Wipe down your room and anything else you’re responsible for. Then sweep and run that Swiffer and you’re all set. Say goodbye to your old apartment or dorm and enjoy a nice drink!



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Eden Caprio


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