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Don’t Sweat It

Ahhh, summertime – when the inverse relationship of clothes to skin is so beautifully illustrated. You’d think it’s a lot easier for our female counterparts to exploit this ratio, but us guys can try some tricks to attract attention, too. Here are 3 ways to show off this season. Let’s check the world of Instagram for some inspiration. 


The short-sleeve button down is a summer staple. Versatility at its finest.

1) This dude went for a more proper look with a classic blue shirt buttoned all the way up. But you make it edgy like he did by rolling up the sleeves. Looks cool and shows off your guns. 

2) These shirts come in all sorts of patterns and colors. Don’t be afraid to be bold and take a risk.

3) Unbuttoned shirt, backwards cap, jeans, beat up kicks. Summer chillin’ done right.

2 (1)

Let’s do away with the baggy cargo shorts. Try finding pairs that hit the top of your knee.

1) Subtle patterns can really make an outfit stand out. Details make all the difference.

2) Here’s an easy way to improve the fit of your shorts: cuff ‘em!

3) This guy’s rockin’ some do-it-yourself cutoff shorts. They’re one of a kind and FREE.


Ankles are the most underrated body part. Show ‘em off.

1) Try this cool look (figuratively and literally): lightweight joggers (pants with elastic cuffs at the bottom), bright trainers, and NO SOCKS.

2) Formalwear is evolving. You can go sockless to those fancy summer events, too. 

3) This man’s Instagram account is a fashion Bible. Rolled up pants, no socks, all white sneakers can be a go-to look for any guy regardless of your style.

That’s a wrap. Check out these Instagram accounts as a quick guide for stepping up your style game. It’s an easy way to learn and draw inspiration. And remember, if the ladies can show some skin, so can we. 

Go have the greatest summer ever.

Stay swanky. Stay savvy.



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