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Summer Party Ideas

At last. Finals have finished, the dorms are packed up and it is time to finally head home for the long, glorious months of summer. What better way to celebrate the end of a stressful semester than to have a ball with those friends from home, that you hopefully haven’t forgotten just yet. Looking for some ways to rejoice with your old pals? Look no further, here are some of our favorite ways to ring in the summertime:


A Good Ol’ Fashioned Backyard Bonfire



Brews, Buds, Bonfire, what could be better? Grab some s’mores, a blanket and a guitar and groove next to the fire, allowing yourself to finally take a breath of fresh air for the first time in months. Add a little extra by renting an old projector and setting up a white sheet on the side of your garage for an outdoor movie fest.


Afternoon BBQ



Invite some friends over and start up the grill. Dive into the pool (if you’ve got one) and relax. Change things up a bit by throwing in a theme like a Luau.


Water Bonanza



Break out the big guns and have a water fight. You don’t need to be a fifth grade student to enjoy chasing people around with water guns, hoses, and balloons. Let your inner-child out and have fun going nuts


Ice Cream Night



Not much for going out and being social? Throw a solo party and kick back with some netflix and ice cream, what else could you possibly need? Feeling exceptionally wild? Invite a friend over and make it date.


Throw a crazy theme party:

We’ve explored dozens of websites for the craziest, most ridiculous themed parties we could find. Check out this Reddit link for some wild ideas, but be warned, have a sense of humor, some of these are a little out-there. Here are our favorites:


ABC Party (Anything But Cups)



Here’s a new take on the widely popular ABC party but instead of clothes, we are putting the ban on cups of any kind. Party guests are not allowed to attend unless they bring an obscure object to drink out of all night. A piggy bank, a boot, a frisbee, ANYTHING, the more ridiculous the better.

Come as you were Party



This party can go two ways. Either all guests come the way they would have dressed in high school (this can get pretty humorous) or all guests come the way they were when they received the invitation. Go with the second one and you can expect some pajamas, bathrobes and god knows what else.


Back to the Future party



This hilarious theme entails all party guests being told that there will be a “50s” theme except for one lonely guest who will be told the theme is “80s”. One boy shows up in a crowd full of people from the 1950’s and Bam. You’ve got Michael J. Fox from back to the future.

They don’t stop here, the list goes on and on. Pick a creative theme and go wild.


Let us know how you start off your summer shenanigans, comment below with any party ideas you have.


Groove on,

Victoria Tripsas

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