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Trim Trendspotting: Throwback Comebacks


Halter Tops



Halter tops are definitely the throwback trend that has been the biggest and most successful, and are personally, my favorite trend that has made a comeback this year. They slowly started to weave their way back into being fashionable last summer as I began to find a few of them in Urban Outfitters. This year, you can find a ton of different patterns and variations, and you can even find some cheaper alternatives at Forever 21.



Cat Eye Sunglasses



Big, round sunglasses are another trend that I’m happy to see resurfacing recently. Their timeless and flattering shape make them a perfect addition to anyone’s collection of sunglasses, and they’re another piece that you can find for an inexpensive price at Forever 21, so be sure to stock up while they’re back in style!





As someone who stands just above 5’2″, these are not a throwback that would be flattering or appealing to me, but they’re back regardless. I’ve found that most people either love this trend, or despise it. If you’re unsure how you feel, try a pair out before they go out of style for another decade!





Yet another trend that people are totally for coming back, or completely against. Personally, I think that when paired with a colorful or patterned crop top, they have a fun and nostalgic look that will instantly bring you back to the glory days of the playground and popsicles.

If you decide to rock any of these revived trends this summer, or think of one we missed one, tweet us pictures @TrimMagazine


Stay fly,

Danielle Amato

instagram: danielleamato


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