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How To: Treat Yo Mama This Mother’s Day

So, today is Mother’s Day.  Hopefully, you have something special planned out for the day of appreciation of the woman who birthed and raised you.  There are some things that we all do when we realize the holiday is upon us.


When you realize it’s the day before (or even the day of) mother’s day and you haven’t gotten anything for her yet.





When you’re driving to the store for her gift:




When the store isn’t sold out of cards on your last minute visits:




When your bank account is almost non-existent but you still have to pay for the gift you got for your mom:




When you watch her open the gift:




What you hope her reaction will be:





How she really reacts:




How you feel afterwards:




Chances are, your mom loves you and the gift isn’t what matters to her.  Even though making sure you get her something nice might be important to you, don’t sweat it too much if it doesn’t turn out the way you want.  Just spending time with her should make her happy!



Keith Coldon

twitter: k_jay94

IG: k_jay94


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