Music Spotlight: CHVRCHES

I recently had the amazing opportunity to go to the final show of CHVRCHES’ latest US tour at Terminal 5 in NYC. The show was sold out, and for good reason–it was AWESOME.

The opener for CHVRCHES was a one-man who goes by the name The Range. He DJed for 45 straight minutes and provided a good build up to the main act with his variety of entrancing synth music.



By the time CHVRCHES stepped out, consisting of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty, the crowd was all pumped up. The beginning of their first song started playing for an elongated amount of time, creating more and more anticipation. Finally the band emerged, and all hell broke loose. The crowd went wild for the first song of the set, called We Sink, which kept the momentum going due to the upbeat nature of the song.


The Scottish band currently only has one album out, so they only played for about an hour, but their songs are so good that they sold out a 3-tiered concert venue 3 nights in a row. Every song they sang sounded almost exactly as it did on the album, but it was even better due to the added element of it being live. They played some songs for longer than usual and the lights were interesting and fun, not to mention there were some crazy dance moves provided by Doherty. The lead singer, the only female in the group, didn’t do anything too crazy–she was calming and yet intriguing due to her child-like voice that almost sounded computerized. It’s just that good.




When the end of the concert rolled around, the band played what is probably their most popular song called The Mother We Share. I actually was first introduced to this song when I got it as the iTunes free song of the week awhile back. The crowd was incredibly pleased, and called the band back for an encore once they left the stage as any good fans would.



I would gladly see another CHVRCHES concert if given the chance. They put on a great show and kept the crowd engaged. I highly recommend them, and if you can’t get out to their next concert, go check out some of their music!




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