Trim Treats: Cool Fruits

Summer is coming and that means fruit galore! Fresh or frozen, fruit is the sweetest and healthiest way to cool off during those long, steaming days. Here are some fun, delicious, and most importantly, quick ways to enjoy fruit so you can spend less time inside and more time having fun in the sun:

1. Smoothies



Smoothies are a classic when it comes to fruit in the summer. Just throw some yogurt, ice cubes and any fruits you like into a blender, puree and voila! You have a smoothie!

Smoothies are not at all fussy, so you can just eye-ball the amounts of ingredients and adjust according to taste and texture. They are a super-simple treat to whip up and can be sipped for a light breakfast or even as an afternoon snack along with some salty pretzels or pita chips.

Below are some of my favorite flavor combos if you need inspiration. Plain or vanilla yogurt always works, but try a flavored yogurt, such as berry or peach, for a subtle flavor boost. If you are using frozen fruit, ice cubes are not necessary.

  • Berry Blast: blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.
  • Tropical: mangos, peaches and pineapple with some flaked coconut.
  • Classic: kiwi-strawberry or strawberry-banana.


2. Fruity Ice Cubes



This is one trick that I found especially innovative: fruit ice cubes! Plain water or iced tea is instantly upgraded with a touch of frozen fruit. Fill a regular ice tray with water and small pieces of lemons or oranges. If you want to keep the fruit in their pretty circular shape, put in a muffin tin instead, fill with water until just covered, and freeze that way.

3. “Ice Cream”



Everyone always wants healthier ice cream, and thanks to Cassey Ho from, it is finally possible! Slice one banana and freeze. When completely frozen, blend with a spoonful of peanut butter and enjoy! (You might not even have the patience to take it out of the blender, which is totally ok— I know I didn’t!)

Since I am a huge Nutella fanatic, I had to try this with Nutella instead of peanut butter and it is absolutely amazing as well! Or, if you are not a Nutella fan, another nut butter such as almond butter, would be delicious too. I also recommend adding a pinch of cinnamon to either mixture for a touch of spiciness. Yum!

4. True Frozen Yogurt



This is literally frozen yogurt— frozen-yogurt covered fruit that is! These babies are great to pop in when you need a little snack or a quick cool-down. All you have to do is line a pan or a plate (depending on how much you are making) with parchment paper or waxed paper. Generously cover slices of strawberries, bananas, grapes or any other fruits you would like with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a must, because its thickness clings easily to the fruit. Place the fruit on the plate, stick it in the freezer and wait for your creations to be finished!

5. Popsicles



These childhood favorites are getting a sophisticated (and healthy!) makeover. Just blend up your favorite fruit, pour into a Popsicle mold or a makeshift one with a paper cup and wooden Popsicle stick, and then, of course, freeze them!

If you can’t decide which flavor make, try layering three different fruits in the molds. A melon medley of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon would be fantastic, not to mention colorful!

6. Crumble



I know, I know here we were with all these super easy recipes and now—bam! Some crazy-impossible crumble recipe. Not true!  Yes, it takes one minute longer to make, but this is a truly awesome and addicting treat.

Food Network Magazine has the best mix-and-match recipes and their crumble recipe is foolproof. When my family and I were away on vacation, we discovered a raspberry bush in the backyard and used this recipe to bake The Best Raspberry Crumble in the Universe. It took no time at all and was easily the highlight of our trip.

Of course, you do not have to use freshly-picked raspberries from your backyard, (though they are recommended), because any fruit you like works just fine. You may even choose to use a few fruits for a nice mixture instead of a single one. I encourage you to mix-and-match until you have tested every combination there is. Trust me, they will all turn out flawless.

You can find the recipe right here:


Have a fruit-tastic summer, hope it’s sweet!




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