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Workout Wednesday: The Best At Home Workouts

Alright my friends! It’s that time of year when we need to do what we lied about doing over the winter and start toning up for the summer months- because if we’ve learned anything about living in New Jersey, it’s that we live in a frozen tundra in the winter, and a sweltering hot swamp town in the summer. It’s going to be 100 degrees before we even know what hit us.

Here are the best youtube channels, sites, and articles to get you ready for beach/music festival/bbq/block party season in the comfort of your own home!




YouTube is my first stop in the online fitness-sphere, and there are a LOT of great channels, but these are my favorites:

BexLife (Easy):

Tone It Up (Easy/Medium):

Blogilates (Medium):

CharlieJames1975 (Hard):

BeFit (All Levels):

Next stop is fitness magazine websites, they have everything from basic diet and exercise tips, to workout playlists, to articles on half-marathon and marathon training.

There are a few out there, but the most extensive online are:


Some of the workouts do require small hand-weights. If you’re really new to working out at home, and you don’t have any, you can use full water bottles. Then you can move up to weights, which you can find at really cheap at both

Five Below and Target !




Here are some of my favorite area-specific toning exercises:







Final note, Exercise Science majors are all over campus. Ask them if they’d be willing to help you out! They’ll most likely be happy to practice what they’ve learned on you, and you’ll basically be getting a personal trainer for free!


Music can be a really important part of staying motivated to work out. Here’s one of my favorite playlists to stay active to:


Remember, it’s important to stay hydrated and listen to your body, know your limits- otherwise, take advantage of all the fitness resources on the internet and enjoy your new toned muscles!




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