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Trim’s Favorite Twitter Accounts

Everyone and their mother is on Twitter, but what do you do when you get tired of seeing that girl from high school complain about the weather? Are you totally over that kid subtweeting about someone you’ve never even met? #Boring. It’s probably time for you to spice up your twitterfeed, and Trim’s got just the cure for you! Keeping in the spirit of Twitter we’ll try and keep this brief (but probably not under 140 characters). Here’s a list of our favorite twitter(-ers?) at the moment:


Sassy Whale


Sassy Whale is that friend without a filter who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.


Spiritual Truths


For all things peaceful and harmonious, follow Spiritual Truths. It’s time to be zen.


Emergency Kittens


All the kittens you could possibly desire, right at the tip of your fingers.


Josh Groban 


You wouldn’t expect it from the man that sang the power ballad “You Raise Me Up”, but he’s a comedic genius.


Que Cera Cera


Self-described as “the worst thing to happen to anyone, ever.”




Do you love Bob’s Burgers? You should probably follow this Tina Belcher parody account.


Can U Not


Sarcastic and straight to the point, Can U Not is like reading your own thoughts in tweet-form.


We Fought About


Sick of the single life? We Fought About follows the life of Alex and Claire, a real-life couple that tweets the things they fought about on a daily basis. You might be appreciating being single before you know it.




Do you love cats? Do you love money? ‘Nuff said.


Coffee Dad


“Just a dad who loves his coffee”


And of course the #1 Twitter you need to follow is @TrimMagazine! Did we forget to include your favorite twitter account? Comment below and let us know what we’re missing!


The Trim Team


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