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Top NJ Coffee Fixes

“Surround yourself with people who make your soul  feel naturally caffeinated”

Caffeine. An addiction for many, a staple for most. The hunt for the perfect cup of coffee is one that I find myself scavenging for often. However, a good old cup o’ joe is nothing without a sensational setting to enjoy it in. As a college student, it goes without saying that I’m a coffee-shop junkie so I decided to spill the beans (ha) about my top picks for New Jersey cafes. Check ‘em out:

Name: Cafe Angelique


Source: TripAdvisor

Location: Tenafly, NJ

A bit about it: This adorable french style cafe has three major locations but their train station converted cafe location in Tenafly has definitely got the most charm. Get a coffee to go or stay and sip your cafe au lait in their main dining room. While it may not be the cheapest, it’s totally worth the splurge, especially if you are a sucker for atmosphere like myself.

Food? : A full, scrumptious menu complete with salads, sandwiches, and anything your heart desires

Pro-tip: Leave time to snag some dinner or dessert here before catching a movie right across the street

Try This: A cinnomacinno paired with a french macaron, you’ll die.



Source: TripAdvisor

Name: Small World Coffee



Location: Princeton, NJ

A bit about it: Now this coffee is good. So good, that they sell it to other shops, cafes, and businesses all over (you can even find it at kilmer’s market). Don’t let the line out the door, discourage you, it just goes to show you how amazing it is. Both Princeton locations have a ton of space to kick back and stay a while, plus the decadent dessert cart will have you drooling all day.

Food? : Loads of snacks and munchies to accompany that latte of yours

Try This: NOLA style iced coffee




Name: The Inkwell Coffeehouse

Source: nonjersey.wordpress

Location: Long Branch, NJ

A bit about it: The Inkwell is the perfect mix between coffee shop and diner but beware, it is easy to get caught up in conversation and spend hours at this shore-side hangout. Definitely a place to inhabit with friends and consume ridiculous amounts of their bargain-priced food, who could resist?

Food?: Burgers, fries, desserts, what else could you ask for?

Pro-tip: Swing by at absurd hours in the night when driving around aimlessly, this place is open late.

Try This: Dutch Coffee, you have to try it at least once

Name: Ridgewood Coffee Company


Location: Ridgewood, NJ

A bit about it: There’s a reason you may hear Bergen County-ians  raving about RCC. They get their coffee from premium roasters in the country and the difference is obvious. This cute little coffee shop is located in the heart of Ridgewood making it’s small, simple atmosphere a cozy getaway.

Food?: An assortment of pastries, snacks and local sodas worth trying

Pro-tip: Check out their open-mic nights for weekly entertainment, but get there fast as seating is limited.

Try This: Dirty Vanilla Chai Latte



Name: Hidden Grounds

hidden grounds 1

Source: Hidden Grounds Facebook

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

A bit about it: It goes without saying that Hidden Grounds is a necessity to any Rutgers student, but if you haven’t tried it, it’s not too late. This underground (literally) cafe is the ultimate study spot when Club Alex just isn’t cutting it anymore. Their pour-over coffees are like nothing else. Once you step foot inside you’ll be their everyday.

Food?: Yogurts, sandwiches, and other cafe expected delights

Pro-tip: You can now order online, and they take RU Express, as if you needed another incentive

Try This: Pour-over Sumatra


Source: Hidden Grounds Facebook

Source: Hidden Grounds Facebook


Name: Rojo’s Roastery



Location: Lambertville and Princeton, NJ

A bit about it: This modern, craft coffee shop sets the bar high for the perfect cup of coffee. They roast their own beans so if you have a weakness for craft coffees, this is your place. Bottom line: when you go here, you know you are getting the best stuff.

Food?: Sweets and treats for coffee dunking bliss.

Pro-tip: Buy a bag of their coffee for home, if you don’t you’ll be wishing you did as soon as you leave.

Try This: A simple shot of espresso.




Name: Cool Beans International Coffees and Teas



Location: Oradell, NJ

A bit about it: Ladies and Gents, I’ve saved the best for last. Now I may be a little biased, growing up around the corner and working there my senior year, I’ve practically lived here. Regardless, throughout all my searches, I’ve yet to come across a coffee shop as delightful as cool beans. The cozy, homey feel is super inviting and the menu is overwhelmingly good. Now this is what a coffee shop should look like. Not a coffee person? Maybe the 100 teas they offer will appeal to you. Don’t believe me? Maybe their army of loyal followers will convince you. I swear I wasn’t paid to write this post, I’m just a slave to the bean.

Food?: You’ll be overdosed on sugar, soup and salads by the time you leave

Pro-tip: You can play around with the different flavors and ingredients to totally customize your drink into whatever you’d like.

Try This: Peanut Butter Mocha and a Chicken Focaccia Sandwich




If you’re mouth isn’t watering by now, go see for yourself. Check out these novel, little getaways for pure coffee bliss and let us know what you think. Who said you can’t overdose on caffeine every once in a while? Oh and don’t forget to tip, show your barista some love! Did we miss one of your favorites? Comment below with some of your favorites in the state.

Sip on my jitterbugs,

Victoria Tripsas


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