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Music Spotlight: Dazy the Girl

Dazy the Girl is, by far, one of the coolest ladies I’ve ever encountered in the music industry.  Between her awesomely refreshing positive attitude, soaring vocal melodies, and wide assortment of multicolored wigs, she’s that girl you grew up always wanting to befriend but just weren’t sure if you were cool enough to talk to or not.  Check out what she had to say about her adorable little daughters, her fashion sense, and how to survive Warped Tour.  Her new single featuring boyfriend Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade is available now.



Emily Tantuccio: From what I’ve read in a few of your recent interviews, you make a point to stress how you believe it’s very important to have a positive attitude.  Why do you feel that’s important, especially in the music industry?  What or who motivates you to stay positive?

Dazy the Girl:The way I see it, you have complete control over your emotions and the way you handle them. Everything in this life is a choice and I choose to be happy. Negativity is contagions, but so is positivity. Everyone has bad days, use it as a time to reflect or discover what could possibly alter that mood. Dazy is my place of refuge, it’s where I go and what I do when I want to feel wonderful. The music industry is very discouraging, and is not a place of high hopes. Having the passion to write music you believe in is the only way to succeed.


ET: Musically, who did you look up to as you progressed through your career/creative growth in general throughout your life?  

DtG: Growing up my parents were really into musicals, playing guitar and piano, singing in perfect harmony. They are still ridiculously talented. My high school chorus had amazing directors and we had a pop a cappella group that I was in called the Mane Event. That’s where I really started finding my voice.

ET:I love the way you take full advantage of using your fashion to further your self-expression and how much fun you have with the way you dress.  What influences your fashion taste and what are your favorite brands/places to shop?

DtG: It’s true, I have serious fashion ADD.. I’m not ashamed to admit or wear it. I love to try it all, whatever catches my eye! Even as a child I wore some pretty weird clothes.. I’ve always been a big Betsey Johnson fan. She’s quirky as hell and puts crazy looking animals on earrings with shiny bathtub pendants and rocks it. No rules, love it. Generally, I can shop everywhere. I’m a clothing dabbler.


ET: What kind of impact do you want your music to have on your fans and the kids who look up to you?  

DtG: I just want them to enjoy the music.


ET: What was your experience like on Warped Tour and what advice would you give to any girls looking to tour?

DtG:Well, I’ve had some pretty unique Warped Tour experiences. First was helping Derek’s old band Defining Moment sell CD’s and the next year we did the same for Mayday Parade. For all girls out there, don’t drink anything in a Gatorade bottle, get used to showering in a McDonald’s sink, and get ready to see some really really weird stuff. My first band Maradona played warped tour in FL in 2008 and it was really fun.


ET: Did music play a strong role in your family growing up and do you find yourself bonding through music with your daughters now?  

DtG: Both of my girls are extremely talented. Bailey has been able to match pitch since she was 6 months old. Grey can keep a beat and sing. They are totally into music, which makes our house a pretty loud one.


ET: If you could perform for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

DtG: I would love to perform for my grandparents. I know they are the reason my parents and I have the talent we do and I didn’t get enough time with them while they were alive. I think they would be really proud.. until they saw my tattoos.


ET: When can we expect new music from you?  

DtG: This month I’ll be releasing a few acoustic videos, a music video for “I Told You So” and a new song called “Never Calm Down!” I can’t wait for everyone to see and hear it all!!




Check out more of Lauren’s music here and be sure to link up with her social media so you can keep up with her upcoming releases and concerts in our area.

Emily Tantuccio



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