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America Gets Spooked Again: AHS Freakshow

The hit television series, American Horror Story, has gained such a huge following with its most recent season and will be renewed for yet another season of thrills!  The show initially followed a family’s difficulties living in a Los Angeles home filled with ghosts.  After being renewed for a second season, American Horror Story: Asylum treated viewers to a show filled with aliens, mad scientists, and serial killers all taking place inside a mental institution during the 50s.  The most recent season, Coven, followed a coven of witches in the modern day who escaped being executed in the Salem Witch Trials and the power struggle for the title of being the Supreme witch.  The fourth season, Freakshow, is still in its early stages but seems to be promising more jaw-dropping thrills that the show has become famous for.  Creator, Ryan Murphy, has been dropping hints about season five since the later episodes of Coven.

As its name suggests, Freakshow will center around a carnival setting in Florida during the 1950s.  This theme has the potential for some really cool stuff.  We could see bearded ladies and sword-swallowers galore or maybe something much more grim.  Given the nature of the show, the latter is probably more likely.  One might expect to see half snake/half woman experiments gone wrong or even a lion tamer who has a little trouble handling his ferocious beast.  It seems like a pretty open book and I know we’re all waiting on the edge of our seats for some more juicy details to be released!

Source: Webpronews

The great thing about American Horror Story is that the plot changes each season.  These changes allow for the actors to be seen in different character roles and really allows them to show off their acting ability.  Some good news is that a few cast favorites will be returning for Freakshow like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates.  Contracts are still being discussed with actors Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts but there is no confirmation of their return to the show.

Jessica Lange, the show’s veteran and most recognized star, will be returning for this season and will portray a German character with links to the Nazis in the years following World War II.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she will do well in this role.  She has always surprised the audience in the past seasons and is anticipated to really shock us again this season.

Overall, Freakshow has a lot of potential and might be the best season of American Horror Story yet.  There is definitely a lot of room for the creators of the show to play around with things they may never have been able to bring to light before.  We’re all excited to see how it plays out during its airtime and expect nothing but the best from this fantastic franchise.

American Horror Story: Freakshow will air in October, just in time for Halloween!


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