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Lady Gaga at Roseland Ballroom

This week Lady Gaga is closing out the famous Roseland Ballroom venue in New York City – and in true gaga fashion, she is sending it off with a bang. While I was fortunate enough to get tickets to one of the 7 sold out shows, I came up not-so-fortunate for having to stand in the cold New York rain for 8 hours to ensure a good view.  Rain, sleet or hail, though, I would do it all again! Gaga concerts aren’t just an hour of her singing – it’s an entire experience starting from the moment you get your ticket. Being a fan of Lady Gaga gives you 40 million automatic friends and, who better to stand in line with than people whom you have something in common with?



The concert itself was one of Gaga’s best performances. She sung her popular hits including Just Dance, Poker Face and Born This Way and some new tunes off of her newest Album ‘ARTPOP’, including her new single G.U.Y.  As always, Gaga’s vocals were on point and her outfits were incredible. The rose-covered stage, the iridescent light fixture, and the Little Monsters (code for gaga’s fans) crammed up in the not-so-big Roseland hall made for a truly intimate and amazing concert experience.






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