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Top 10 Reasons Why Trim Loves Jimmy Fallon as the new Tonight Show Host

Jimmy Fallon has come a  long way since his SNL skits, comedic relief in an array of rom-coms, and Calvin Klein modeling days (yes, I said modeling AND I have pictures).



Told you.

With a big pair of Jay Leno shoes to fill, not everyone was sure JF would be a fitting new host of the Tonight Show. From his hilarious skits, to never failing to make us laugh, Trim would like to list the top ten reasons Jimmy Fallon was the best choice as new host!

1. He speaks #hashtag.


2. He does the “Carlton” better than the Fresh Prince himself.


3. He can be the ultimate mean girl when he wants to be.


4. He has the best selfie face in the game.


5. He dominates at flip cup (even if his opponent was only Annette Bening).


6. He’s not afraid to show us his feminine side.


7. He gives the best bear hugs.


8. He lip-syncs better than a 17 year-old Britney Spears.


9. He twerks 100 times better than Miley ever will.


10. He’s BFFs with JT.


Jimmy, on behalf of the Trim team, we  just want to say thank you. Thank you for always being able to make us laugh. Thank you for being a great host. And thank you for supporting our Scarlet Knights!





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