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The 5 Cutest Internet-Famous Pets You Should Know

Cute animals can do wonders for the soul. I don’t know about you, but looking at a cute picture can brighten up my day at least for the time being. Good thing there are endless amounts of these kinds of photos, then.

The animals in this post are not only cute, but they have something else in common: they are more famous than any of us could ever hope to be. Each of their Instagram pages have more than 200,000 followers. What. Their owners must be doing something right when it comes to building their pets’ reputations and even turning them into brands. (Yes, I admit I have some of the merchandise of one of these animals. I’m not ashamed.) It seems humans really are visual creatures, and in this case, the cuter the better.

Here are the top 5 Internet famous animals, leading up to the cutest of them all:

5. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Instagram: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

HE HAS A MUSTACHE. I don’t even care what he’s doing in any picture taken of him—Hamilton is always going to look hilariously awesome.

4. Lil Bub

Instagram: @iamlilbub

There’s a reason Lil Bub always looks so cute: she’s a “perma-kitty” and will stay the size of a kitten her whole life. Her teeth also never grew in, which is why her tongue hangs out, but I’d say that makes her look all the more adorable.

3. Snoopybabe

Instagram: @snoopybabe

Awww. Look at that face! Snoopybabe is a cat from China that became popular on Weibo, which is a microblogging site similar to Facebook and Twitter. Thank you, Weibo, for this wonderful gift you have given us.

2. Biddy the Hedgehog

Instagram: @biddythehedgehog

There’s not much to say here except Biddy is an awesome hedgehog that goes on awesome adventures and is just the cutest thing ever (so long as you figure out how not to get stabbed).

1. Boo

Instagram: @buddyboowaggytails

Boo is not just a dog, Boo is a fluffmonster, and this fluffmonster has 11 million likes on Facebook. He is widely recognized as the world’s cutest dog, so it’s not just me who has fallen under his spell. I want him for my very own, but I might just have to settle for his stuffed animal look-alike.

Follow all these pets on Instagram for more of their adorableness!

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