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Trim’s Favorite Hangover Cures

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day and you’re laying on the couch with that familiar pounding in your head. Last night was a blast, but should you have really had that last drink? Well regardless now you have the dreaded hang-over. But don’t fear! Here are some hangover cures that are bound to make the pain less extreme, at least for a little while.


1.  Water, water, water. or Gatorade.

It’s obvious that hydration is essential to living in general. If you didn’t drink a glass of water before bed (which is a great way to avoid hangovers actually, but too late at this point) drink one right away! Your body is dehydrated from a night of alcohol and water is the way to go. It’s a no brainer but also had to be mentioned first.


2. Big greasy Breakfast

We all strive to eat healthy, but now is the time to make a bit of an exception. But you don’t have to run to McDonalds and order a Mcmuffin because I said “greasy”. A hearty well rounded breakfast is enough to make any hangover go away. Try to include all of your basic food groups like carbs, protein and fruit. Don’t be afraid to order the pancakes if you’re craving them!



3.  Caffeine

Coffee is known to cure migraines which are common effects after a night of drinking. So it will wake you up and minimize that terrible pounding headache. However, don’t forget that caffeine does cause dehydration so keep the water coming as well.


4. Hair of the Dog (aka drink again)

This might not be the best advice, however it is proven that having another drink while you’re hung over can cure it. The key to this concept however, is to choose the right drink. A Bloody Mary or Mimosa is the right choice. the tomato juice in a Bloody Mary and orange juice of the Mimosa will help replenish your vitamins as well as lessen the effects of the old alcohol still lingering in your body. A good recipe for Bloody Marys can be found here. Don’t forget the celery!



5. Orange juice

I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungover I crave fruit juice. Orange juice is the perfect way to replace lost vitamins from drinking. It’s refreshing, healthy and quenches your thirst (because let’s face it, you are probably parched.) Any kind of fruit juice will do the trick and help you feel healthier and more lively.



6. A Hot Shower (pamper yourself!)

The day after a night of drinking, don’t you feel gross? Tired…crappy and just over-all dirty? A nice long shower will  help you wake up and feel refreshed enough to tackle the day ahead. I find personally that if I take a shower right after waking up with a hangover I immediately feel more alert, more willing to be awake, and any headache I might have had feels significantly less severe. Don’t worry about being quick, take your time and soak it in.


7. Pain relieving medication

This one is also kind of a no brainer. Take some Advil or Tylenol to cure that nasty drowsy feeling if nothing else seems to be working. There is no shame in turning to medication if the evil hangover is really keeping you from getting through the day.


8. Exercise

So you woke up, took a hot shower, drank some coffee and water, ate a good-sized breakfast and still feel really out of it. Why not do a quick workout? Now you don’t have to go hard on the treadmill or do a bunch of reps with the weights. Anything that picks up your heart rate a little bit will make you feel more awake and help sweat out the toxins from the alcohol. Of course, it is suggested that you do this after you eat and drink plenty of water. You might not feel like doing it at the time, but trust me, you’ll feel a lot better afterwards!



In my opinion, this is THE best hangover cure. Seriously…just sleep it off. Even if you are hungover when you wake up, it will significantly less severe than if you don’t sleep. Don’t even feel guilty about how long you sleep either. It is the sure-fire way to get rid of a hangover and restore your energy. Just sleep. And sleep some more.


10. Don’t Drink

I mean….yeah. That’s the easiest way to avoid a hangover. But…let’s be honest with ourselves.


Hope these hangover remedies help soften your post St. Patty’s day pain! Cheers everyone!

Stay Lovely,


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