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8 Spring Break Staycations

No big plans for spring break? No problem! Although most of us wish we could go to some exotic island, sip slushy drinks, and dip our feet in crystal clear water, we may need to save some cash instead. But spring break doesn’t have to be a bummer, and can actually be just as thrilling as going on a vacation! Here are eight fun ideas for each day of Spring Break (just in case you’re lucky and don’t take Friday classes).

1. Day Trippin’

Whether you are staying at the RUT or going home for break, go somewhere for the day! Day trips are less expensive and a way to have fun on budget. Go to New York City, Boston, or Philly all of which are filled with interesting museums, affordable restaurants, and cheap attractions!

2. Get on Your Hiking Shoes

Hiking is a perfect way to enjoy nature, relax, and spend time with your friends or family. Not to mention it’s a fantastic way to exercise! There are tons of places to hike in New Jersey and this website offers a variety of places to hike and insight on them.

P.S You can download the app, AllTrails, which shows hiking trails throughout the U.S and even guides you on them while hiking!

3. Throw a Party

Odds are you aren’t the only person among your friends who sticking around for Spring break. Round up your other non-Spring breakers friends and have a party! It’s cheap, fun, and heck, who doesn’t love parties?

P.S Make your party a hit by having a theme such as something spring or summer-related! Think Hawaiian luau or fun in the sun!

4. Take a Class

Are you bored? Do you want to try something new? Go to your local YMCA or town recreation center and see what classes they are offering. This is an awesome way to find a new hobby or to just get out of your normal, daily routine. Many rec centers offer crafts, cooking, health and a variety of other exciting classes with no homework involved!

5. Spa Day

Grab your girlfriends and hit the spa for a rejuvenating day. Book facials, massages, and mani-pedis at your local spa, some of which may give student discounts. Places such as Hand and Stone and Massage Envy offer affordable facials and massages.Treat yourself, after all, you deserve it after a long, painful week of finals and papers galore!

6. Keep this, Sell that

If you are going home for Spring break, it’s time to clean out your closet! Do you still have clothes from high school you just can’t get rid of? Donate them to your local charity or sell them on eBay to make some extra cash. With all the cash you earn, you can save up to go on a trip next Spring break!

7. Give Back

Spend a day volunteering in your hometown! Find out if your local animal center, retirement home, soup kitchen, or YMCA needs volunteers for any classes or events. There is no better feeling than offering your time to people in need.

Visit this website to find volunteer opportunities in your area:

8. Be Productive

As much as Spring break is about catching Zzz’s and lounging around, it’s also the perfect time to sit at your desk and get busy! Research internships, check your syllabi, and make goals for yourself for the rest of the semester. By doing this, you will take some pressure of yourself and be more at ease once you get back to school. Your future self will thank you!

Have a fantastic spring break! Stay safe, be smart, relax, and enjoy.

Peace out,

Nicole Klock

Twitter: Killah_KLOCK

IG: killahklock


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