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Trim’s Top 50 for Spring

Behold, Trim’s spring to-do list. With Spring just around the corner, we’ve come up with our top things to look out for this season. Be sure to go, see, eat, play, dance, drink, live, read, listen, move, watch, laugh, jump, buy and enjoy this sensational season:


  1. Go into the city for St. Patrick’s Day this year.

  2. Take an early morning yoga class at Hidden Grounds.

  3. Check out Free People’s new online campaign featuring everyday women.

  4. Soak up the good vibes at the “We are Positive” event on 3/26.

  5. Hit up the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on 3/30.

  6. Play a good April Fool’s Day joke on your friend, for us, please.

  7. Give a listen to Manchester Orchestra’s new album, Cope out 4/1.

  8. Take a cooking workshop with RUPA.

  9. Indulge at the grand opening of Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar at Garden State Plaza 4/3.

  10. Celebrate, International Pillow Fight Day on 4/5. Yes, it’s a thing.

  11. Attend the PRSSA fashion show.

  12. Check out the TOMS and Jonathan Adler collaboration. It’s perfect for Spring!

  13. Spend the first warm day sunbathing on a roof somewhere with lemonade in hand.

  14. Buy your tickets to a music festival this summer. Bonnaroo anyone?

  15. Can’t afford tickets? Fear not, check out the volunteer options for Bonnaroo or Firefly.

  16. Read a book for pleasure again instead of reading for school.

  17. Go see the Cherry Blossom trees in Newark’s Branch Brook Park.

  18. Spend a rainy April day watching all of the Oscar nominated films.

  19. Look out for the new Uniqlo x Pharrell t-shirt and hat collaboration.

  20. Get your groove on at RUPA’s Beats on the Banks featuring DJ Snake 4/11.

  21. Try out the orchid lip trend.

  22. Take a yoga class outside, available in many parks but start here.

  23. Picnic at Passion Puddle.

  24. See James Franco, Chris O’Dowd and Leighton Meester on stage in “Of Mice and Men”.

  25. Try a brand new restaurant or cuisine.

  26. Dance in the rain.

  27. Celebrate Holi, the festival of colors, with friends or in the city.

  28. Try making one of these weird ice cream flavors at home.

  29. Explore the Rutgers’ Gardens or even the barn on Cook campus.

  30. Revamp your spring wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new.

  31. Take a sniff at the new Roses de Chloé perfume.

  32. Have a spring photoshoot… just because.

  33. Attend the Tribeca Film Festival.

  34. Get discount spa treatments during Spa Week in Manhattan.

  35. Come to Trim’s Spring Concert, details to follow!

  36. Run through the fountain on Livingston campus on a hot day.

  37. Head over to Douglass campus for the New Jersey Folk Festival.

  38. Look out for the RUPA ice cream trucks driving around campus.

  39. Brighten up a gloomy day inside by trying a new craft project like this.

  40. Drool over the Kate Moss for Topshop line. It comes out in May!

  41. Send out a handwritten letter in the mail to someone you miss.

  42. Plan a post-semester camping trip with friends.

  43. Spend an afternoon studying in an adorable cafe to help ease the pain of finals.

  44. Do something unique this Mother’s Day for all of the wonderful ladies in your life.

  45. Plan a bike ride through the park or try one of these routes.

  46. Stay tuned for Starbucks’ “Frappy Hour,” serving half priced frappuccinos in May.

  47. Get a hard copy of Trim’s Spring Issue.

  48. Start writing down something that made you happy each day. Just do it.

  49. Try bubble tea at every place in town and judge who does it best (Stay Tuned for upcoming blog post!).

  50. Cut/Dye/Fry/Buzz your hair in an entirely new way to get ready for the summer!

Are any of these items on your spring to-do list? Trying any of these out? Be sure to hashtag your photos with #TrimTop50 to let us know and comment below with your own spring ideas!

Keep on grooving,

Victoria Tripsas


twitter: @theofficalvic


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