Album Review: Jacob Sigman

I tried to think of what genre I’d consider Jacob Sigman’s music, but to tell the truth, it’s hard to place him into any one category. The more I looked into this young, Ann Arbor, MI musician, I found that his official title of “folk-troubadour” sums it up quite nicely. His first self-produced EP, “Virginia” has arrived, and it’s more than we ever could have asked from a freshman release. With a summer tour and follow up record in the works, I can happily say this is not the last we’ll be hearing from this talented singer-songwriter.

“Street Tower Ladies” is dreamy and settles in my mind somewhere in between a lullaby and the verses of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds,” which, in my book makes for a winning combo. “Your Father,” which continues the saga of Lost Boy and Dream Girl (a story that artist Jacob Sigman hopes to tell through the recordings as a whole) is playful with its lyrics, and is one of my personal favorites for that reason. Though it is important as a part of the larger story, the song is so tidy and well crafted that it has no problems standing on its own. “Silas” reminds me of “Shoe Stealing,” a track from the Danny Elfman score of one of my favorite movies, Big Fish. The clear, vivacious violin hooks and driving percussion are common denominators, and features that endear me to the piece right away. In fact, as I listen through the second or third time, it occurs to me that this is a theme that runs right through the EP—the more you listen to Jacob Sigman’s “Virginia EP” and pick up on the subtle but purposeful instrumentation, the more you realize this five song album was composed more like a confident film score than an amateur set destined to halfheartedly trickle into the odd indie-pop Billboard list.

In fact, while the lyrics (which are seriously evocative) and Sigman’s voice both stand their ground in every track, it is the orchestral tracks that back him up that are the breakout star of the recordings. The final songs, “Barcelona Sunrise” and “Amor Eterno” are lovely end chapters to the story. They’re delicate, resonating and the easy-breezy riffing of the acoustic guitar is like a burst of warm air. Reminds me of spending summer days driving down deserted rural roads.  All in all the album is just the kind of fuel we need to rocket us out of the seemingly endless winter we’ve been detained in, and into a long-awaited spring.

‘You can pick up the album on Bandcamp as a digital copy (pay what you want) or order a physical copy ($5 plus shipping). The EP is also available on iTunes and Amazon for $4.95.

A statement of intent from the artist’s Bandcamp page:

“A memory, a lifeline, a long lost truth. The story of a boy who forgot himself in foreign places and fell in love with a girl only to discover that the two were very much the same. Through musical collaboration, the sound achieved is one of forgotten pasts and warm remembrances of a fast fading summer.”

Favorite Song: “Silas”

For Fans Of: Jason Mraz, The Lumineers, Phillip Phillips, Oh Honey.

Happy Friday!



Twitter: @isobelriane


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