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Empties: To Buy or Not to Buy

1.) Rehab Shampoo – ($13.95-$39.95 at Lush) We all put our hair through a lot, it’s no secret. Between dying and bleaching, tons of heavy styling products, and the damage done from using heat, our hair can effortlessly become damaged so quickly. This citrus infused, herbal shampoo delivers exactly what the name promises – rehab for your tortured hair in the form of moisture, shine and strength. I’ve had the medium sized bottle of this shampoo for almost six months now, and it’s seeing it’s final days. I don’t use the same shampoo every time I shower, which explains why 8.4 fluid ounces lasted close to half a year, however, even if you are using this shampoo every day, a little bit truly does go a long way and make a big difference. If the price wasn’t so steep, I wouldn’t think twice about immediately going to my local Lush and repurchasing it, as I genuinely could see my hair looking healthier and seeming stronger after just a few times using Rehab. However, as a college student trying to stretch her savings until I can go back to my summer job, I’ll unfortunately be waiting quite some time to shell out another $25 on this shampoo.

2.) Vaseline Spray & Go Lotion in radiant cocoa butter (~$7.00 at your local drug store) – This is another product that truly goes a long, long way, and another one that’s been with me since before 2014 even started. Honestly, I will never go back to the troublesome life of traditional lotion. It’s such a simple concept, and I’m a little mad I hadn’t thought of it myself before Vaseline did. After I shower, I just spray it on my legs and arms and rub it in, and it moisturizes instantly without leaving a greasy residue anywhere. Would I repurchase this gem? Let’s just say that as soon as I felt my container getting dangerously light, I immediately bought a backup. If cocoa isn’t your cup of tea, this also comes in pure oat, aloe vera, and “for men” scents.

3.) Maybelline Great Lash Lots of lashes (~$5 at your local drug store) – I bought this on a whim one day because my mom had a coupon for it and my Maybelline “the Rocket” mascara had been a bit of a let down and far too clumpy. Everyone, please, do yourself a favor and invest the $5 in this mascara. It’s truly my trusty steed. It’s inexpensive, it never clumps on me, separates my lashes to give them optimal volume, and lasts me all day even on the longest, most trying days. I will definitely be repurchasing this now, next time, and the time after that, too.

4.) Maybelline Dream Matte Powder  (~$6) – All throughout the summer, this pressed powder was a life saver. No matter how humid it was, it left my face looking completely matte rather than drenched in sweat. Moreover, it accomplished this without looking too cakey, which for a mattifying powder, is quite the impressive feat. I was absolutely heartbroken to read that they had discontinued this mattifying powder, and instead purchased Stay Matte by Revlon to replace this, and hope that it fills the void that Maybelline has left in my life.

5.) Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($19 at Sephora) – This is truly a holy grail product of mine. The applicator is thin and easily maneuverable to give you everything from a thin line along the lash line, or a bold cateye look. Eyeliner is something that I’ve tried out many different brands and types of throughout the years, in a seemingly endless quest for my perfect, everyday eyeliner, and last year I finally found it. The pigmentation and ease of use are completely unmatched by any and all competitors. This product has revolutionized eyeliner for me and made me a true believer in liquid liner above all else. I can’t say I’ve branched out to try any color other than Perversion (a carbon black), but with the quality and lasting power you get with the Urban Decay liners, I think it would be a safe bet to try out any of the colors available at Sephora. Clearly, I could rave on and on about how this eyeliner is life changing, so, as if it wasn’t made abundantly clear, I will be repurchasing this item.

Stay happy,

Danielle Amato 

IG: danielleamato


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