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Sheldon Lose is sad because he did not get the job. Sheldon Nguyen is happy because he did. Also, he looks stunning. Here’s a classic example of how appearance and apparel can determine one’s fate. Let’s run through some do’s and don’ts of professionalwear.

Tie Tips:

Starting from the top, you’ll notice that Lose is rocking a black skinny tie, a versatile staple that should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, it’s tied way too short and ends up looking silly. Nguyen’s tie hangs at the perfect length, with the tip touching the top of his belt buckle. Keep in mind that a tie that’s too long is also sloppy. Plus, it looks strange to have it hanging over your crotch.

Tie Clips:

Accessories often make or break outfits. In this case, Lose put in a good effort by attempting to wear a tie clip (also called a tie bar). But he didn’t quite get it right. First, the clip should be positioned a little lower, ideally between the 3rd  and 4th button  of the shirt. Also, his clip is too wide. You want it to cover about 1/2 or 2/3 or your tie. That’s another point for Nguyen. His is stylish, while remaining functional and minimal.

Cheat code #1: Nguyen’s “clip” is not actually meant for ties. It’s this weird paper clip thing that he had lying around, so he got creative.

Tough Cuff:

It’s fine to roll up your sleeves after a long day of work or in a casual setting, but it can be considered unprofessional in certain situations. I know you’re dying to show off them forearms, but assess your environment to see what’s appropriate. If it’s a tough call, keep them down to be safe.

Tucked Up:

Mastering the art of tucking in a dress shirt is a seemingly impossible task. Just make sure it doesn’t look like Lose’s, where half is in and half is out. Looks like he just came from the bathroom and didn’t bother fixing his outfit.

Belt Help:

In most cases, it’s best and easiest to wear belts and shoes of the same color. This isn’t set in stone, but it’s a good general rule to abide by. Notice that Lose’s brown belt doesn’t compliment the monochromatic outfit very well.

Match metals:

Here’s a subtle detail that a lot of dudes miss. Try making sure your silvers and golds match up for a more cohesive look. Nguyen’s got silver accents on his tie clip, watch, and belt buckle to pull his outfit together. Lose, however, is wearing a gold watch that clashes with the silver from his tie bar and belt.

Stacks on stacks:

Many guys like to wear long jeans to get a “stacking” effect (the folds at the bottom). That’s cool with denim, but not in a business atmosphere. The bagginess at the bottom of Lose’s pants give off an unkempt vibe. Nguyen opted for a cropped pair that looks clean and shows off his socks for a pop of color and life to his look.

Cheat code #2: They’re actually wearing the exact same pair of pants, but Nguyen cuffed his inward to hide the extra material. If you do it neatly, no one will notice.

As you can see, Lose had a lot of things going for him, but his execution fell short. Even though they’re wearing virtually the same thing, not paying attention to the details lead to his demise. Remember, it’s not necessarily what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Here’s to turning our interviews into Nguyen- terviews.

Stay swanky. Stay savvy.



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