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Spring Cleaning For Your Wardrobe

As a complete and utter shopaholic, I always find myself in desperate need of closet space. If you’re like me, opening up your closet is an anxiety-inducing ordeal. “I just bought ten new pieces but I don’t have enough hangers… again” or “I can’t open or close this drawer full of stuff” or “Does that rack look like it’s going to come crashing down?” If this sounds like your thoughts every time you take a look at your wardrobe, it’s time for some Spring cleaning.


Luckily for you, cleaning out your closet is as easy as one, two, three… four piles!

  • YES: All your indispensable pieces. This is clothing that you love, wear all the time, goes with everything, and makes you feel beautiful/hot/cute/like a million bucks.

  • MAYBE: Okay, so maybe with a little work this garment could turn into a gem. These are all the pieces that you like but are hard to match, are a little too loose or too long, or need to be re-purposed.

    • If it’s hard to match: Take some time to try and match the piece with others from your “YES” pile. If you can find even one combination that you love, keep it! If you can’t, consider if it’s worth the trouble to find/buy an outfit that does match the item in question. Otherwise, it goes in the “NO” pile.

  • If it’s not exactly fitting: Consider the type of alteration needed. Something like hemming your jeans is usually an easy DIY project or should cost you no more than a few bucks. Other alterations, however, may be more difficult and expensive. If the garment is worth the extra cost and trouble, tailor away! If not, it too goes into the “NO” pile.

    • If it needs to be re-purposed: Envision your new garment and the outfit possibilities that will come with it. Maybe it’s your favorite dress that’s now a little too short: Would it be cute if you hemmed it and made it a shirt? Jeans that make your butt look great but your legs not-so-much? Consider cutting them into some cute shorts. Again, consider the time and cost of either DIY or taking it to a tailor.

  • NO (junk): Junk. Bad quality, falling apart, etc. Straight to the trash.

  • NO (donate): Okay, so it doesn’t fit you or your style, but maybe some other beautiful person might love it! There are tons of services all over New Jersey that will pick up your clothes for free. You could also consider a clothes swap with some friends or even selling off your clothes.


Tips to remember:

  • Just because you’ve never worn it, doesn’t mean you should keep it for the one far-off day that you think you will. Chances are, it’ll keep hanging in your closet until you repeat the process next year.

  • Looking cute on the hanger =/= looking cute on you. TRY everything on! If you don’t love how it looks, do something about it or get rid of it.

  • Stay organized. Your problems aren’t all solved with a simple closet purge. Keep your remaining clothes tidy by organizing them by color or style, so you don’t run the risk of losing or forgetting pieces.


Carley Chan



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