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Trim’s Favorite Bar Happenings

Your weekend calling, your night-time paradise, your remedy for de-stressing, or whatever else these places may be to you, the vast amount of bars and entertainment between Easton Avenue and downtown George Street has something for everyone. Most of us have our weekly routine of the spots we hit up on certain nights, and tend to not stray very far from our usual outings.

Whether you prefer some good company to cure your Monday blues, or you are looking to get a little rowdy after a long week of exams on a Thursday night, New Brunswick undoubtedly has a place for you everyday of the week. Due to our lack of exploring and solely sticking to what we know, we miss out on some great deals that these bars provide each night.

With that said, I am here to spice up your week with some new things to try out!

Sunday/Monday: We all need a little detox after our long weekends, and Stuff Yer Face is the perfect place for that. Giant fishbowls, AMAZING Stromboli’s, and the perfect atmosphere to enjoy good company. If this place does not make your Monday moodiness take a complete 180, then you’re a grouch and no one wants to be around you.


Tuesday: If you’re paying more than $2 for a drink on a Tuesday, then you’re doing it ALL wrong. $2 Tuesdays is a weekly tradition in the New Brunswick culture. Nothing seems more appealing to a college student with a balance of $7.25, than cheap drinks that get the job done. Olde Queens and Knight Club are $2 Tuesdays biggest supporters. If you’re looking for something not as crazy, then you can venture down Easton Ave to Brother Jimmy’s where they host their Reverse Happy Hour. Starting at 10 p.m., $3 well drinks, $3 frozen margaritas (umm..YUM), and $3 Budweiser/Bud Light drafts. Now that is an offer you cannot refuse! Tuesdays may very well be the new Thursday or Friday.

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 6.19.44 PM

Wednesday: There is one place, and one place only that you should be at on Wednesday nights, and that is the Golden Rail. Referred to as Karaoke nights by frequent Rail-goers, us newbies look at it as a place to grab some good drinks and LOL at all of our friends who have the courage to get up on stage and embarrass themselves.


Thursday: The Olive Branch is hugely underrated in the New Brunswick atmosphere. Great music, beer towers, darts, and more than enough room to show off your not-so-great dance moves is the perfect way to spend your Thursday night.

olive branch

Friday/Saturday:There is no doubt about the fact that anywhere you go on a Friday or Saturday will be a guaranteed good time. Aside from all of the places I mentioned above, the amount of spots that should be on your lists of places to consider is more than you can imagine:

  • Old Bay
  • World of Beer
  • Scarlet Pub
  • Sushi Room
  • Clydz
  • Destination Dogs
  • Harvest Moon
  • Mike’s Courtside
  • Ale House
  • Evelyn’s
  • Ale ‘n ‘Wich Pub…etc

The list can go on and on. Although I strongly believe you will agree with my opinion of these spots, I highly suggest you go out and switch up your weekly routine. You may pick up a new favorite spot!

Enjoy the rest of your week and do not forget to try some of these places out and as always, stay safe!

Xo Samira Elkhoury

Insta: @selk8


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