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V-Day Dates on a Dime

With Valentine’s day just around the corner lovebirds everywhere have been brainstorming ideas on how to celebrate. Many couples of course will take the cliche route: making the same dinner reservations at the place downtown. This could seem like a favorable option, that is until you arrive at the restaurant. It’s too loud to hear your valentine speak, you are squished at a table in between two other couples you know (but wish you didn’t) because everyone goes to the same place of course, the pasta is mediocre and when the check is delivered, the price waiting for you is just the cherry on top of your already bothersome night. Who needs it? Why spend unnecessary dollars on a night neither of you two will truly enjoy? This year, cancel those reservations and try out one of our creative date ideas that won’t make a dent in your wallet.


Indoor Picnic: So, snowy February doesn’t really sound like the ideal time to have that romantic picnic you have always dreamed of. Don’t let the weather stop you. Clear out some space in your house and cover the floor with cozy picnic blankets and pillows. Hang up some string lights or break out  some candles to enhance the mood if you would like. Pack a picnic basket and get working on those sandwiches and relax. Who needs the outdoors?

scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt: If cheesey isn’t your thing, move on to the next one. This one is for you hopeless romantics. Plan out surprise hunt for your valentine sending them on a trip down memory lane. The starting point being where you first met or maybe your first kiss, send them running around town following riddles  and clues at each location that take them to significant places in your relationship like your first date location. Leave little candies, notes, or small gifts at each place with the clues if you’d like. The ending location is where you wait, where you two can then spend the evening together.


“Anti-Valentine’s” Valentine’s Date: So you hate Valentine’s Day? You hate everything about it and you have no wish to celebrate it with your significant other. That’s fine, but I bet you two still want to spend time together anyway. Why not make a night of your mutual hate for this terrible day? Do the least romantic thing you can think of; watch horror movies together all night, order a pizza and wings and just pretend you aren’t celebrating, we won’t tell.

chinese takeout

Take-out Buffet: If you do have some money to spend but just don’t feel like making the effort of dressing up and going out, why not order in? Each of you order just a couple items from a few of your favorite different places, lay it all out and Bon Appetit. Wasn’t that better than an overpriced salad?


Play Pretend: Don’t worry, this isn’t going in the direction you are thinking. If you want to get out of the house, go somewhere, anywhere.. Here’s the thing: call each other new names, put on accents perhaps and stick to these new personalities in public all night. You will feel ridiculously weird and stupid but it will be entertaining and keep the two of you laughing all night. Go to the store, go for a walk, go anywhere, just make sure you don’t break character and see if you can fool people. Bonus: dress up in ridiculous clothes you wouldn’t usually wear to really get into character and feel like fools.

drive in

Drive-in: Search online for local drive-ins around your area that are open. I promise you they still exist. Ditch the sticky movie theater floors and overpriced sodas, pack your own snacks and take a break from 2014 for the night. lists a lot of locations around the country.


Simple Dinner: Keep it simple. Make your sweetheart a homemade dinner  from scratch. Terrible at cooking? All the more charming. You and your valentine can laugh about how burned the chicken was or how god-awful the dessert tasted. No matter what the case, they will appreciate the effort. Even better? Try making dinner together; I’m sure one of you is better at cooking than you think. It will give you something to do together and who knows, maybe you will discover a new skill. Afterwards? Clear out the living room, throw on a record and dance the night away like idiots alone together.

skype date

Long Distance Date: Going to be apart from your Valentine this year and don’t have the bills to fly to them? You can still celebrate. Have a skype date where you watch the same cheesy movie or show at the same time. Make fun of all the worst parts together and try and make the other jealous by arguing over who has better snacks. Of course it’s not the same as being together, but it will make things a little easier.

Whatever you choose, you and your valentine are guaranteed to have fun together! Write below with how you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day.  I for one know I’ll be stuffing my face with chocolate and reading through your comments all night (hot date, I know) so be sure to post!

Happy Valentine’s day, lovebirds!


Victoria Tripsas



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