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V(icarious) Day

Congrats, bro. You’ve got a date for V-day. But before you get her or him a present, you’ve gotta present yourself. Here are 3 outfit ideas for your big day. (If you’re a girl reading this, maybe this will spark some gift inspiration for the guy in your life. Or, if you wear the pants in the relationship, you can use these ideas to dress him yourself.)


First up is a simple, clean outfit perfect for a casual date. Maybe you two feel like staying in, spending some quality alone time together or catching a movie and a quick bite. A plain sweatshirt is soft and warm, but still presentable. And you can’t go wrong with a pair of dark jeans. As long as they’re not too distressed or frayed, they can be worn with just about anything. Sticking with the theme of simple, these white Vans are minimal, fresh kicks that pull the outfit together. But you can’t be too simple or you’ll look boring, so add a pop of color with some funky socks. I’ve also picked some other accessories, the wooden bead bracelet and the white watch, to show your date that you pay attention to detail. Finally, Valentine’s Day is the day to get comfy and cuddly with one another, so you can’t just look good, you’ve gotta smell good, too. For an informal night, I suggest a cologne like Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme. It’s warm and sexy, perfect for the occasion.


Oh you fancy, huh? Try a look like this to sharpen up for that expensive restaurant or any classy outing. Here, I’ve styled a traditional look with some contemporary twists to unleash one’s inner gentleman. The white dress shirt is a classic staple, but you can keep it fresh and modern by pairing it with a skinny tie. Textured pants like this tweed pair are extremely popular and have been making frequent appearances in places like London Fashion Week, GQ Magazine, and Esquire Magazine. Notice how the leg tapers to give a nice fitted shape. Next, add a little color by mixing in the brown belt and shoes, along with a gold watch to match the buckle of the belt. For the final touch, I think a cologne that is wintry and sophisticated works best. Try something like Fahrenheit by Dior for a refined scent.


This last outfit is for the risk-takers out there, those who are not afraid to take a chance and make a statement. Pairing a blazer with a t-shirt exudes cool and classy. Just make sure to wear colors that won’t clash or be too loud. That loudness is reserved for your bottom half. Here, I’ve chosen a pair of camo cargo pants. Rocking an unexpected piece with your suit jacket will not only add life to your look, but it will show your date your rebellious side that they’re sure to dig. Since you want your pants to be the focus of the outfit, keep the rest simple with a pair of dark wingtips and a minimalistic watch. Lastly, keep the cool going with a scent that is fresh. Aqva by Bvlgari, is an aquatic, citrusy cologne that’ll last all night.

I don’t have a date this year, so I’m living vicariously through anyone that reads this. I hope you all look your best and feel your best. Have an awesome Valentine’s Day. For me.

Stay swanky. Stay savvy.



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