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Trim’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Happy February, Trimzies!

Love is in the air this month with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Are you as excited as we are here at Trim Magazine? We hope so! This is the time of the year especially dedicated to remind us of our loved ones. And as the tradition goes, we express our love through the act of exchanging gifts. Stuck on what to get him/her, you say? Do not fear, Trim is here! Continue reading for our special Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


  • Flowers – Receiving flowers is one of the most romantic gifts for a girl. It’s a special gift from nature that you’re giving her, and it shows that you have thought of her at the particular time. It doesn’t have to be red roses, so be creative and get her flowers that remind you of her to make it even more special!

  • Chocolate – Every girl loves to have her fix of chocolate. She’s got a sweet tooth too, and what better gift than a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day! She is going to love the (literally) sweet reminder that you care for her, and her tastebuds will surely thank you too!

  • Necklace – A jewelry piece, such as a necklace, will be a loving gift to her that she can wear on a daily basis. With a pendant around her neck, she will never forget that you love her and will be something she will wear proudly. Unlike a ring, it does not bind you two to anything, but it is a special piece of her jewelry collection that she will cherish forever.

  • Spa Kit – A gift basket filled with lotions, bath bubbles, and room scents will serve as a relaxing treat for her this year. Everyone needs to wind down every once in awhile, and this spa kit will definitely let her have that day. It will also show that you appreciate all that she’s done and sends the message that you’d like her to relax as well.

  • Stuffed Animal – Who doesn’t love a cuddly stuffed animal? This gift will bring out the child inside her, leaving her smiling from ear to ear! There are a lot of stuffed animals that come out specifically for Valentine’s Day, so feel free to go and purchase a cuddly friend for your loved one to hold onto when you aren’t around.


  • Baked Goods – Some homemade baked goods will surely have him smiling. He will love the aroma of the yummy treats, but he will also feel the thoughtfulness of his loved one. Any guy could always go for some sweets, but it’s even sweeter to know that someone took the time out of their day to bake some for them.

  • Watch – This is a classic piece that every man should probably own. It’s functional and fashionable all in one! Treat your lad with an everlasting accessory that he can use on a daily basis. And better yet, he will always be reminded of who gifted this to him. Who says love can be measured in time? This Valentine’s Day, Trim does!

  • Mixtape – Tunes from the heart is an excellent gift idea for him this year. What man doesn’t like to know that you are reminded of him when you listen to music? Compile some music to create your own personal playlist for him. This personalized gift will  definitely be a keeper.

  • Cologne – It’s all about the “good smells, good vibes” this year. Pick out your favorite scent for your man, whether it already be a cologne that’s on the shelves or something you can personally mix and create! Nowadays, it is simple to even make your own cologne concoction too. Check it out!

  • Coupon Book – This last one is my personal favorite. This DIY gift is unique and creative! Simply buy or create your own stack of coupons with small little gestures or treats written on them. Coupons can be used at any given moment and will definitely be a fun, random thing to do at a spontaneous moment! Have fun with it and make them worthwhile!

Of course, Valentine’s Day is not simply a day about giving gifts to your loved ones. The simple reminder that you love them is enough to warm their hearts! And for all of you that are single, Happy Singles Awareness Day! Spend the day loving yourself and showering yourself with the pampering that you deserve. We hope you all have a lovely day this Valentine’s Day! xoxo

With lots of love,

Jenn Kim

Instagram: Jenn_Kimx

Twitter: @Jenn_Kimx


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