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Style Review: USA 2014 Winter Olympic Team Uniforms

This year’s USA olympic uniforms have been designed by American designer, Ralph Lauren. These outfits will be worn by our country’s team during the Sochi winter olympics opening ceremony this Friday. There have been mixed reviews about these outfits ever since they were revealed to the media and let’s just say…it’s a good thing that the athletes will not be competing in them.

The knitted cardigan is a classic winter look that gives warmth to an outfit. There is something about the busy pattern and the American flag patchwork that evokes a disjunct theme. It is a bit of a let down from Ralph Lauren as we expect clean lines and cohesive looks from him. The different-sized stars, olympic rings, and lettering look like a hurried attempt to get all of the Olympic’s info onto one sweater. The cardigan should come with a warning: “Caution! May cause headaches after exposure to eyes”. Those white pants are the outfits’ saving grace and only normal-looking aspect.

If you want to purchase the cardigan, the Daily News claims that it will set you back a steep $595. The good thing  is that it is made of wool so it will definitely keep you warm during subzero temperatures. The bad thing is that the limited edition cardigans are sold out on the Ralph Lauren website. It all depends on how you look at it.

If you want to dress like an Olympian, all you need is a small fortune and no shame to wear that wool cardigan. I can think of better things to spend a few hundred dollars on other than a hideous Sochi 2014 Team USA cardigan.

Tune in to NBC this Friday, February 7 for the opening ceremonies and to see Team USA wear these infamous uniforms.

Katrina Labayen

Instagram: @Katrizzlybear



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