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Trim’s Favorite Viners

The ever-so-popular app Vine just celebrated their 1st birthday this past week. The things that this app has done in the past year are truly amazing. From rising music stars, to comedians, to talented photoshoppers, Vine has exposed a whole new era of talent to the social media community. We wanted to share some of our favorite Viners with you guys!

Ben & Harry –

The toddler’s voice may be the cutest thing I’ve ever come across. I cannot help but giggle and smile and “Awww” at every vine I watch.

Jerome Jarre – 

He asks why everyone is so afraid of love and then goes up to a lady and screams “love!” Since then he has gone on to capture countless more hilarious moments with complete strangers. He has also appeared on the Ellen show where he tells fans that his main purpose is to make people laugh and smile, how could you not smile at his adorable French accent?

UsTheDuo – 

This married couple is taking Vine by storm with their angelic duets. You can even find them on iTunes now!

Bo Burnham

The comedian, who has performed at Rutgers before, found another outlet to bring his audience laughs, through vine.

Logan Paul – 

This adorable college student loves to embarrass himself to bring you comedy… in other words #DoItForTheVine

Princess Lauren – 

Lauren has made the ‘selfie with stranger’ famous.

Jimmy Tatro

The breakout YouTube star, who was recently in Grown Ups 2, can now add Vine comedian to his resume.

And many, many more. If you need a good way to procrastinate, I promise you Vine will entertain you for hours.


Marisa Flacks

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