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CollegeFashionista’s Amy Levin


As a college student so interested in fashion, and through my many hours of surfing fashion blogs, I stumbled upon a website called CollegeFashionista. The website itself features college-aged writers from colleges all around the world, showing how personal style varies from state-to-state and even country-to-country. After doing more research, and even writing for the website myself, I came to know the story of the creator of CollegeFashionista, Amy Levin.

When Amy was only a senior at Indiana University, she expanded her personal street style blog into a website that now reaches over 400 college campuses around the world. Not only does she work with college students, Amy now travels to new markets, discovering new styles and brands to bring to fashionistas everywhere. CollegeFashionista also features interviews with professionals in the fashion industry to give students an insight into paths for their future. I truly love and believe in what CollegeFashionista is doing, so you could imagine my excitement when I had the chance to talk to Amy Levin about her journey with CollegeFashionista.

Trim Magazine: How did the idea of CollegeFashionista come about?

Amy Levin: CollegeFashionista started as a personal blog I created during my senior year at Indiana University and quickly expanded into a platform that showcases fashion at colleges around the world. It stemmed from boredom and wanting to create an outlet for me to perfect skills I was lacking.

TM: What was your major in college?

AL: Fashion and Business

TM: How hard was it to start your business while still in college?

Amy Levin: I don’t think it’s ever easy to start a business. For me, starting CollegeFashionista during my time at Indiana University allowed me to take more risks then I might necessary have taken as a late 20s adult. My business focuses on college students so I was creating a brand that was geared towards my friends and me. It took a lot of discipline and confidence in my business to stay focused on CollegeFashionista while still maintaing a traditional college experience.

TM: What advice do you have for students who want to break into the fashion industry?

AL: Be nice to everyone! It’s such a small industry and you never know who is going to be your boss one day or whose boss you are going to be.

TM: CollegeFashionista seems to have grown into much more than a street style blog, with interviews of professionals in the industry, and now even College Dormista…did you ever imagine it would grow this big?

AL: Never. I feel lucky and humbled by the brand and hope it continues to inspire other young adults to take risks and to make choices that make them feel positive and challenged which is what CollegeFashionista does for me.

TM: What is a typical day in the offices of CollegeFashionista like? Even through emails, during my experience as a Style Guru, I could tell that everyone in the offices are super friendly and encouraging, it must be a great environment to work in…

AL: When it comes to running a business your employees are the biggest asset. Growing up I watched my father treat employees like family and took this same model with the managing and hiring of employees at CollegeFashionista. While business is business and it’s serious at times, I believe in a loose environment where everyone feels excited to come to work each day and empowered to take ownership with their role.

TM: Who are some of your style/blogger inspirations?

AL: The Sartorialist.

TM: How would you describe your personal style?

AL: Minimal. I wear almost the same thing every day!

TM: Where do you see CollegeFashionista going in the future?

AL: Impossible to answer! You will just have to continue on as a reader to see…

In the words of a CollegeFashionista… Style On!

Marisa Flacks

IG: marisaflacks


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