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What To Wear: Concert/Festival Fashion

My involvement in the music industry grew from a passion for live music, and part of what drew me even further into the typical concert and festival atmosphere was the fashion.  Whether you’re more into local bands performing in basements or dancing alongside a roaring crowd at a sold-out arena show, there’s a serious thrill in being able to dress however you want and not be judged for it – for the most part.  (After attending festivals in several different states last summer, I’ve seen some pretty freaky wardrobe choices.)


If you’re a rookie to the music scene or just don’t want to risk ruining your concert outing because you were uncomfortable in your ensemble, keep these tips in mind when getting dressed before the show.


Wear comfortable shoes

The whole point of going to a show is to crowd surf, dance, twerk, whatever – as long as you’re moving and enjoying yourself.  But add blisters, broken heels and/or twisted ankles into that equation and you may suddenly find yourself watching the show from an extra special V.I.P. area called the medical tent.  Opt for shoes that are stylish yet will provide you with some support, like flat leather boots, Dr. Martens, or your favorite pair of Vans.  The girls showing up in heels might look cute out while standing in the line outside the venue, but you will be the true #1 fan when you can sing along from the front row without having to be carried back to your car via stretcher.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.09.46 PM 

Dress in layers.

The climate of a concert is honestly unpredictable.  Some venues might not have strong enough air conditioning to keep a crowd of thousands comfortable, and you don’t want to be the one caught in a heavy sweater with make-up running down your face if you become the unfortunate victim of that scenario.  Layer a denim jacket over a dress and thigh-highs or a cotton button-down shirt under a leather jacket so you can look cool but still not succumb to heat exhaustion before the opener even finishes their set.


Bring a small bag with your personal survival essentials.  

There’s a certain social plague that seems to be invading concerts everywhere, and it’s people who suffer from an acute case of Chronic Backpack Syndrome.  It’s that one guy or girl who just can’t seem to resist pushing through the crowd while wearing a gigantic backpack and nearly annihilating everyone in their path, although they definitely could not really need everything in that giant bag just to watch a show for a few hours.  Do your back and your fellow peers a favor and keep your belongings compact – a leather cross body bag or neon satchel are both cute and convenient, while drawstring bags are great for guys.  Keep a sealed bottle of water, money for food and merch, chap stick, and your ID tucked away safely instead of toting around a giant piece of luggage.

 Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.14.31 PM

Channel the signature vibes from your everyday wardrobe, and then kick it up a few notches.  

You don’t have to put on a tutu or a horse head to make a statement out in the nightlife (although, if that is your means of self-expression, then go wild)- it’s all about just testing out the looks you’ve always loved, but couldn’t quite pull off at school or at work.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and rock high-waisted leather joggers or a floral crown – as long as you’re happy and comfortable, just focus on having fun.

Emily Tantuccio


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