Resolution: Stash Your Cash

Happy 2014, Trimzies! I hope you all had a wonderful season and an even better start to the new year! This year is sure to bring on many more memories for you to cherish. To kick off the new year, why not start with the tradition New Years Resolution? Here at Trim, we want to encourage you to start saving money for all of your future adventures, whatever they may be! Get ready to Stash Your Cash!


  1. Create a savings jar: This is one of my absolute favorite ways to save some money. Simply label a jar with something like ‘Concert Tickets’, ‘Shopping Spree’, ‘Extra Money’, ‘Savings’, etc. It doesn’t matter what you label it as long as it seems appealing enough for you to add money into its jar! Next, you want to determine a time period when you will add some cash in the jar. The amount you promise to put in is totally up to you too; just be sure to follow through with your promise to yourself! Typically what happens when we spend money is that we use debit or credit cards, which means we never physically see how much we are actually spending. By keeping a savings jar, you’ll actually be able to see your savings add up each and every day! I promise that you will find that it isn’t too bad to just put aside some money, as long as it’s a little bit at a time! You’ll soon have some extra moolah in your pockets…err jar.

  2. Use coupons: Lately, I’ve been hooked onto this show on TLC called “Extreme Couponing”. And I have to admit, I am very impressed with the skills these couponers have! Their tactics save them hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the grocery store. Now, I’m not saying that everyone needs to go out and clip every coupon known to mankind. However, using some coupons isn’t such a bad idea either when it comes to saving money. When you have the opportunity to use a coupon for something you need, go right ahead! Don’t be intimidated to use them, because they were printed out for that exact purpose. Take advantage that you do have the coupon and save yourself that little bit of cash. A couple of cents really do go a long way as it accumulates! It may not seem like much when you go up to the register, but your wallet will thank you for it one day!

  3. Go to the ‘sales’ section: Ohhh! Bless all the shopping lords for the creation of ‘sales’! When you are in a need for a shopping trip, check out the sales section first. You’ll be surprised just how many clothes or supplies you’ll be able to find there. Many stores are set up so that the sales and clearance sections are towards the back. That way, you have to get through the newly added and/or original-priced items. This is a business tactic they use so that you look through these items; they want the sales to be the absolute last resort to the customer. But we all know we’re smarter than to just blow off money without checking the sales first! Make sure to have a good look through this section; it’ll be your best friend this year as you save some money!

  4. Say ‘goodbye’ to sugary drinks: Did you know that Americans spend an average of about $850 on sugary drinks a year? How crazy is that?! Did you also know that “lose weight” and “get healthier” are also some of the most popular New Years Resolutions? By getting rid of our intake of sugary drinks and replacing it with water, we can save money and live a healthier lifestyle! Little changes really do make a big difference in the end. You’ll be saving hundreds of dollars by simply refilling your reusable water bottles and you’ll be cutting back on some of your sugar consumption. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me!


Not too bad, right? Just follow these tips to save some extra for yourself this year to spend it any way you choose! I know you can do it; and you’ll appreciate the savings.

As always, good luck and have a wonderful 2014, Trimzies! See you next time!


Live Simply,

Jenn Kim


Twitter: @Jenn_Kimx
Instagram: Jenn_Kimx


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