Resolution: Pay it Forward


Hey there Trim lovers,

As you ring in the New Year, it is time to set new goals for yourself! Each year is a chance to bring more happiness and positivity to your life and to the lives around you. It is up to you to improve your mind, body, and soul by doing good deeds for yourself, family, friends, strangers, and your community!


Hold the Door

As simple as it may seem, holding the door open for someone is a small deed that may brighten someone’s day. Not only is it the right thing to do, but taking a couple seconds out of your time to hold the a door open and maybe flash a smile will make the person and yourself feel good.

Remember Your Manners

No matter how old you get, it’s always nice to hear “please”, “thank you”, and “have a nice day” from someone. From preschool and beyond, teachers and parents taught us to say these small words that hold a huge meaning in our lives. Remember to say these words to people, it can and will make all the difference!

Volunteer in your Community

Give back to your community in some way,shape, or form! Volunteer your time to tutor young children in a subject you love, at a local soup kitchen, or at your place of worship. The help you offer and the people you meet when you volunteer will be with for the rest of your life!

P.S. Rutgers offers a program called Alternative Breaks, which sends to undergrads to help out other communities during their Winter or Spring break. The program teaches students about an issue a community is facing and then the students spend their break aiding the community. For more information, visit this website: http://getinvolved.rutgers.edu/programs-and-events/alternative-breaks


Donate to Charity

You can donate to your favorite charity or cause in many different ways. Are you feeling a new do’? Donate your long locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths or another place that gives free wigs to cancer patients. Do your research, as some charities sell unused donated hair for a profit. Another way to donate is by cleaning out your closet and giving away clothes you don’t use anymore! You can donate your clothes to a donation bin, thrift shop, or place of worship who will give them to those in need.


Walk for a Cause

There are many walks such as the Avon Breast Cancer Walk that allows you to raise money for a cause. The Avon Breast Cancer is held in various cities including New York City, and gives you the ability to raise as much money as you can. The walking part is also a plus because it is great exercise!

Here is the website for more information: http://www.avonwalk.org/

Read A Book

When the semester starts again, it will be hard to have time for yourself. Between class and other activities, it seems like there is always something on the agenda! Even if reading is not your cup of tea, it is a valuable source of knowledge and works your brain. Do you want to learn more about one of your favorite musicians or a new hobby? Go to the library or Barnes and Noble and get a book about something you love to read during the semester!

Now it’s your time to do as many good deeds as you can for yourself and others!

Have you already done or will do a deed worth talking about? Comment below and tell the Trim Team!


Keep smiling,

Nicole Klock


IG: killahklock

Twitter: killah_KLOCK

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