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Top 13 Fashion Trends of 2013

We have seen it all this year. From the most absurd fashion faux pas to the pieces that we absolutely had to have, 2013 has been a whirlwind of greatness in the world of fashion. It seems that when we think of something “trending,” it is in a different context other than fashion. However, we cannot forget the looks that may have brought us our best moments this year. In honor of all that 2013 has brought to our lives, in no particular order, I present to you Trim’s Top 13 Fashion Trends of 2013.

trim top 13

1. Peek-a-boo Pieces

Cutouts were EVERYWHERE this year, and it is no surprise that it has made it on to this Top 13 list. Tastefully worn, peek-a-boo pieces can add sexiness and a bit of edge to a clothing essential. Showing a bit of shoulder or a sliver of your midriff is the perfect way too get people to look but also add a little mysteriousness.

2. Statement Sunglasses

These sunglasses take your average wayfarer or aviator and add a spin to it. Taking your sunglass game up a notch proved to be a worthy trend this year. It adds a bit of funk to your outfit but maintains a chic look to your outfit.

3. Luxe Leather

It would not be a fashion trend list without luxe leather. Needless to say, this was added to almost every clothing item out there. Sometimes it went a little too far, but more often than not this fashion trend was a total knockout.

4. Sporty Dresses

What could be better than a dress that also provides comfort? Their flirty A-line skirt makes this simple dress a quality trend. You could throw this trend back a couple decades with a pair of canvas sneakers and rock the trend just as well.

5. Winter White

Head-to-toe winter white was the go-to trend this year. Layering the same colors on top of each other has been frowned upon recently, but this trend to an end to that. Angelic winter white transformed the runway this year and left an impression on stylists.

6. Knit Beanies

It is a way of saying “I’m off duty, but still look really cute and trendy.” Needless to say, the knit beanie has been featured on fashion’s most well-known runway shows and society’s most casual civilians. The ability of the knit beanie to add an edgy, but casual, look to any outfit is the reason it made it on this list.

7. Shades of Green

Emerald was labeled the color of Fall 2013, but it was not only emerald that made it out on fashion’s best nights out. Different shades of green to match any skin tone brought about a cozy and chic feel to fashion. It is a warm color but bold enough to make a statement.

8. Slouchy Pants

MC Hammer must have been doing something right because these pants made a huge comeback this year. Slouchy pants can sort of be placed in the same category as knit beanies. They have a very casual feel but exude fashion sense, when worn the right way.

9. Midi Skirts

From mini to midi, this new skirt length took over what was perceived as a sexy skirt. It can be sexed up with a crop top or worn elegantly with a chic blouse. Whether the skirt is flared or curve-hugging, it is definitely the new way to wear a skirt.

10. Stripes

Bold stripes brought back that sort of 60s mod look on the runway shows. Black and white stripes especially were shown everywhere. Forget the notion that stripes make you look wider. This trend is bold and a knockout when worn correctly.

11. Statement Outerwear

Oversized coats and bold jackets were the way to go this year. The thing about statement outerwear is that it incorporates much of what was mentioned on this list. Whether it was the print or the style, it embodies several trends in one piece.

12. Classic Prints

Designers had the right idea when they decided to take it back and bring back the classic prints. Leopard, plaid, and pinstripes were featured in several designers collection. It is amazing the way classic pieces were able to modernized this year.

13. Military Inspired Looks

This might be my personal favorite trend that was featured this year. Double-breasted jackets and the camouflage print were big this year. It made us feel strong and superior but maintained the essence of fashion.

‘Til next year Trim readers!

xo Samira Elkhoury

Instagram: @selk8

Twitter: @meeeeezyy


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