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Top 13 Celebrity Moments of 2013

As we near the end of 2013, the bloggers at Trim decided we’d compile some “Top 13” lists to commemorate everything that’s made this year great. For the first list, I present to you the good, the bad, and the cray cray things that have happened in the world of celebrities.

13. When ‘NSYNC reunited and made us all feel nostalgic.

And then JT went back to stealing the show.

12.  When Amanda Bynes lost her way but got the help she needed.

We hope you’re doing well Amanda! #amandaplease

11. When Jimmy Fallon did a bunch of awesome skits with a bunch of awesome people. Here’s my personal favorite:


10.  When Justin Bieber did some not-so-cool things: spitting off balconies, getting in fights with paparazzi, etcetera etcetera…

You have a bazillion tween girls looking up to you, c’mon Biebs.

9. When Bryan Cranston walked around Comic Con wearing a mask of himself.

The Breaking Bad era has come to an end but the amazingness that is Bryan Cranston (along with sidekick Aaron Paul) will live on.

8. When we realized why Tom Hiddleston (who played Loki in Thor: The Dark World) has a cult following.

He made Loki so charismatically, deliciously evil but he’s a gentleman in real life 🙂

7.  When Adam Levine was named “Sexiest Man Alive,” but many people didn’t think so.

If it’s not Ryan Gosling, I mean, someone has to win.

6. When the Pope turned out to be the most down-to-earth and relatable pope ever.

He’s so cool that he earned Time’s pick as person of the year. You go Pope Francis!

5. When cute baby Prince George made us all wish we had his life.

“And we’ll never be royals, it don’t run in our blood.”

4. When Kimye informed us that they know their directions very well.

Hey, if you put the word “North” in front of the word “West” it makes a new direction, guys!

3. When Jennifer Lawrence replaced Taylor Swift as America’s sweetheart.

Who knew tripping on stairs could be so endearing. I should do it more often.

2. When Beyoncé dropped a surprise album and reminded us why she’s queen.

All hail Queen Bey.

1. When Miley Cyrus went cuckoo for cocoa puffs (minus the cocoa puffs)

I don’t even know what to say here except we apologize to the maker of the foam finger.

Next up on our lists of 2013: Top 13 albums!


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