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Menswear: Little Lessons

Kids can be awesome or not awesome depending on how fun you find “Peek-A-Boo” versus how much you loathe cleaning up poop. But one thing is certain: We can definitely learn a lot from them. Let’s play a game of role reversal. Instead of teaching them, we’ll be the students and see what we can pick up from these 3 children who have mastered the art of style. Grab a pen and paper, guys.

Children With Swag:

1) Play the field. Peep that field jacket, equipped with multiple pockets and multiple buttons and multiple swag. Try copping one of these versatile pieces for the winter. They’re the perfect item for layering and can be worn up or down.

2) Block the haters. This little dude has on an edgy pair of shades that fits his face perfectly and exudes cool. Sunglasses can be functional and grab attention. Experiment with various styles to find your signature look. I suggest the classics: aviators (as seen above), wayfarers, or clubmasters. These seem to work for just about everyone.

3) Embrace the weekend. Even though this toddler’s destination might not be the same as yours, he’s a got some nice leather luggage that’ll hold his goods. We probably won’t be needing any rolling bags, but all guys should definitely invest in a nice weekender duffle bag.

Children With Swag: Http://

1) Fit is everything. Check out the way his jacket falls right around his waistline and remains snug throughout the whole body. Try out a denim jacket or bomber jacket that fits similarly to flatter your body and keep you warmer.

2) Dress for the occasion. (Let’s disregard the tombstones in the background and assume this boy is here for a day of fun in the park.) You don’t always have to rock slim or skinny jeans to remain stylish. Little man is sporting a pair of swanky brown cords—soft and in a relaxed fit—ideal for running and jumping into those piles of leaves. So remember, stay comfortable in your clothes and make sure your outfit is appropriate for whatever is in store.

3) Take a risk. I’m digging the way this fashionisto rolled his sleeves high up his arm. This unique way of layering exposes the cool plaid lining of the jacket, as well as the two-toned shirt below. Try finding new ways to layer and add unexpected patterns and colors into your outfit.

4) Pop. You can tell this dude is a pro because he didn’t neglect his accessory—the pacifier. What’s awesome is how the bright teal really makes a statement. Notice that he stuck with neutral colors (navy, maroon, brown) for the body of the outfit, but used his pacifier as a way to add some pop to the whole look.

5) Walk the walk. This tiny tyke has a sense of swagger that we should all attempt to emulate. It’s this confidence that further complements the already great outfit. Dressing well isn’t everything. You’ve gotta own it. Walk with confidence and smile…even if it is hidden by a binky.

Little Men’s Fashion:

1) Combine styles. This toddler’s got on the perfect hybrid outfit, mixing sweatpants with a collared shirt. Don’t be afraid to mix ‘n match.

2) Stay trendy. Not to say that you should jump on every bandwagon, but it can’t hurt to be on top of the game. This little guy is rocking some hot items, particularly the joggers (pants with elastic cuffs at the bottom) and the desert boots. Check out my last article for a list of items that I think will keep you in the loop:

3) Break the rules. Don’t be fooled. This cute kid is taking on an idea that was long believed to be a sartorial sin—mixing patterns. But if you ask me, the striped beanie and the plaid button-down go together perfectly. Since their colorways are similar, there’s no glaring clash. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see combinations like camo with stripes, or polka dots with floral print. Be a rebel and give it a go.

So we’ve just been schooled by a bunch of little boys. Don’t be embarrassed. Fashion is a game of inspiration. Soak it all in, no matter the source. We can all learn a little something from one another.

Stay swanky. Stay savvy.



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