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Keep Calm and Finals On

Hello loves,

Finals are right around the corner and you know what that means, right? Stress, breakouts, and late night runs to the dining hall, plus TONS of studying at the library. But finals week doesn’t have to be hell, my friends! By taking some “me-time”, you will feel more energized and focused for when exam time comes around.  Try these relaxing activities for yourself!


Take some time to catch up on your favorite show or movie! Here’s a list of some shows and movies that will give you a good laugh, as well as some serious dramas!

·      Orange Is The New Black

·      New Girl

·      Only God Forgives

·      The Hunger Games

·      Parks and Recreations

·      Safe Haven

·      50 First Dates

At-Home Spa

Stop by the Rite Aid on George Street to pick up some spa goodies! Invite a group of your friends over for facials, and manis/pedis. Don’t forget to get a cucumber for your eyes. It will take away dark circles, which is a must if you get minimal sleep!

I love this mask! It smells super yummy and makes your skin feel clean. Plus, it’s only $3.99!


Make some time to break out a sweat! By working out, you can release stress, nasty toxins, and endorphins, which will create a healthier and happier you! Exercising is also proven to help you sleep better and distract you from the daily hustle and bustle. Stop your campus’ gym or do a workout video in your room!

Visit Youtube Fitness star Blogilates’ channel for an abundance of workouts ranging from beginner workouts to abs, thighs, and legs! Not to mention, she has some yummy and healthy receipe videos that are worth trying out!

Make Time with Friends

As important as it is to study, it is equally important to have a little fun! Hangout with friends and have some good laughs that will lighten up your otherwise dreadful finals mood. Invite friends to the dining hall or to chill out in your dorm. You also may want to Skype with your high school bestie! Either way, keep your friends close during finals week, they will help you through it!

Be Creative!

Whether you draw, paint, make music, or do something else that is creative, it will help stimulate your brain! By accessing the part of your right brain, you can improve memory and relax by doing something you love. Plus, it’s productive because at the end you will have made something spectular!

Pinterest has many ideas for creative projects, including this one!

Have an old t-shirt laying around your dorm? Have a pair of scissors? Try this out for yourself or use it as a homemade holiday gift!

See I told you finals week won’t be so bad! Study hard, but also remember to relax in between. You will thank yourself once exam grades are posted!

Have a great finals week!


Nicole Klock

IG: killahklock

Twitter: Killah_KLOCK


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