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Cyber Monday

Hello, Trimzies!

I hope you all had a fantastic and safe time during your Black Friday shopping spree and scored some great deals this year. Now rest up during the weekend to rejuvenate so that you can spring back into action on Monday. Get your laptop and cards ready; the shopping isn’t over just yet!

Welcome to another annual Cyber Monday, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, Cyber Monday is basically an online Black Friday sale that happens on the Monday after Thanksgiving. There are hundreds of discounts at hundreds of big online sites to promote shoppers to purchase items online. This is perfect for the people who don’t want to be involved in the hustle and bustle of hardcore Black Friday shoppers, or for people who simply would like to get some good deals at the comfort of their own home. Regardless of the reason, Cyber Monday can’t just be seen as a calmer version of Black Friday. No, in fact, I’d say it’s a bit more of a challenge to quickly navigate your cursor and type your billing information. Kudos to all you professionals out there. Don’t feel discouraged or intimidated if you’re new to Cyber Monday, though! Here are a few tips to follow for a successful Cyber Monday experience:

  1. Find out what deals are available. The best way to achieve this is by signing up for newsletters of the places you intend on shopping at for Cyber Monday. The newsletters will provide you with ad scans that you can flip through online to check out what deals are being offered. One of the websites I personally like to visit is This website lists all of the Cyber Monday ad scans on one website so that you don’t have to go searching for them individually!

  2. Research. Nothing is more terrible than not doing your research for your Cyber Monday mission. Chances are, there’s more than one store that’ll carry the item you are looking for. Do a bit of comparing and contrasting days before Cyber Monday. Some stores will offer better deals than other such as lower prices or free shipping or a free warranty. Also, consider looking into a different brand that carries the same concept you’re looking for. Every detail counts! There are so many products out there waiting to be puchased by you! So be sure to look into what you’re buying before deciding to make the purchase.

  3. Compare prices. I don’t know about you, but as a broke college girl, I am on the lookout for the best (and cheapest) deals possible. Part of the research you should be doing includes looking at the prices of the same product between stores. Stores are always looking for ways to gain more customers and beat their competitors. It most likely means that the stores will begin adding on promotional sales on top of the Cyber Monday discounts (yes!). Scope out for the deals to make sure you can get the best for as little as possible. The true gems are always hidden! Check out It’s a useful tool that will help you search for that best deal!

  4. Look out for shipping deals. With Cyber Monday deals come some amazing shipping deals as well. A lot of the shipping costs will be reduced, but if you search very closely, some even give out free shipping! This is an excellent way for you to send gifts directly to the people you want it sent to, especially with the holidays coming up.

  5. Shop safely. This may seem like the most obvious tip. However, many people tend to overlook the little things that can hinder your security during Cyber Monday. At this time of year, lots of sales are available from nationwide chain stores. This also is the perfect opportunity and timing for fake websites to draw you in for some trouble. Be sure that the website has the ‘https://’ on the address bar and check to make sure that there is a security lock symbol somewhere on the webpage that ensures security of your identity. If you are still unsure of whether the website is legitimate or not, right click anywhere on the page to check the website’s properties. Sometimes, the fake websites will create a fake domain name and secretly disguise it. When you feel absolutely sure, move onto your payment. If possible, opt to make purchases using a credit card. The law states that if there are transactions you did not authorize or if you didn’t receive your purchased items, you can bring it into court as a law suit. If, by any misfortune, this happens to you, make sure you have your logged record of your payment. Also, the Better Business Bureau suggests that you have a print out of the websites and your receipts as a hard copy just in case. This brings us to the last security concern: phishing. Phishing is the act of trying to gather someone’s identity information through their credit card information. This most often occurs when online shoppers fall into the trap of fake emails. Many websites will not send out an email that claims there is a problem with the order that requires more information about you. Avoid clicking the links in these particular emails at all costs. Doing so could allow them to misuse your account and even steal your identity.

Do not fret the frenzy of Cyber Monday! Follow these tips above, and I guarantee you will have a wonderful shopping experience. Good luck to you all! Happy shopping!


Live Simply,


Jenn Kim


Twitter: @Jenn_Kimx
Instagram: Jenn_Kimx



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