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New Release: Modern Chemistry’s ‘Never Scared’

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Trim is glad to welcome back to the blog the band which helped us to first debut our music section: Modern Chemistry. This past week, Modern Chemistry proudly released their newest single Never Scared. The track starts with a harmonious intro that draws you in and leaves the chorus stuck in your head for days on end. Their instrumental talent pulls the whole song together, creating the perfect single. The song is now available on iTunes, but here’s a little preview if you can’t wait.


Ryan Halbe Photography

We were lucky enough to be at the basement show when Modern Chemistry debuted Never Scared live for the first time. The crowd more than loved it and the band definitely left them wanting more.


Ryan Halbe Photography

The band is currently busy putting their creative talents to work, writing a new EP. In the meantime, while you’re all anxiously waiting for more of their great music, you can find them at various local venues around New Jersey this December. Keep an eye on their Facebook to find out where you can see them live


Ryan Halbe Photography

Modern Chemistry will be heading out on their first tour this upcoming January, check back for more details in the near future. Also, keep an eye out for Mad Money in the Bank Entertainment, a new project they have been working on which allows New Jersey-based artists to perform in shows together all over the state as well as enable them to create collective albums. In February, they plan to release their first collaboration album featuring another one of their new songs, along with many other talented artists and bands from the area.


Ryan Halbe Photography

Don’t forget to buy Never Scared on iTunes, and check out their last EP as well!

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Marisa Flacks

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