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Rutgers Basketball

As I hope most of you know by now, Trim is not just a fashion magazine. We write about various bits of culture, from music to the latest internet craze to events that happen right here in our area. Since we are based out of Rutgers, we thought we’d like to talk about one of the biggest interests for students here: sports! For those of you who are not particularly the biggest sports fans…hear me out.

The most exciting thing happening in the Rutgers world of sports right now is the start of basketball season with a new men’s head coach. After the Mike Rice scandal we all endured last semester, this is a refreshing change and a warming welcome. Eddie Jordan, the new coach, is one of our very own. He attended Rutgers in the 70s and helped lead the school to victory, as we believe he will continue to do now.

The first official game of the season was November 8th at the RAC on Livingston campus against Florida A&M. The game began with the dimming of the lights and the hyped up introduction of the players, culminating in the introduction of the new coach. Once that fanfare was done with, the players immediately got to work. The game was fairly close for its entire duration, with Rutgers maintaining a lead of a few points the majority of the time. This kept the game exciting as there was always the chance of the other team catching up, which they came close to at times. The final score was 92-84 Rutgers, a satisfying victory for our new coach.

Even if you aren’t that big into sports or don’t know all the rules of basketball, I’d recommend you go to a game just for the experience. Join your fellow students in the stands and watch the crazy antics of the Riot Squad. Marvel at the pep band, who are a remarkably enthusiastic bunch. Case in point: this gif. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do, you won’t regret it. And yes it is from a Rutgers basketball game. 

There are a lot of basketball games coming up and you should definitely check one out if you have the chance. They are even giving out free tshirts at all non-conference games, and who doesn’t love a free tshirt (Even if you don’t you can turn it into something else if you so choose.)? You can go to this website to take a look at the schedule

Go to a game because you have school spirit. Go because it’s cold outside and the RAC is warm. Go because you have nothing else to do. It’s free for students! And who knows, you may come out of the experience with a newfound interest in the world of sports.

Kaitlin Rogers

Twitter and IG: kaityrog



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