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Album Review: Haim

Meet HAIM, the newest indie band on the scene comprised of three sisters, Danielle (22), Este (24), and Alana Haim (19). Talk about the ultimate girl power! The Los Angeles natives debuted their first album, Days Are Gone, on September 30, 2013. Their soulful, dreamy tunes will make you feel like you are lounging in the sand on a warm, sunny day.

These musically endowed women were musical ever since day one, and were heavily influenced by their parents who formed a family band called “Rockinhaim”.  As they got older, they began to tour with artists such as Ke$ha, Cee-Lo Green, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Soon enough they released their own LP, Forever, in 2012, and moved on to bigger and better things! My favorite songs from their album are “Through the Wire”, “Forever”, and, “Falling”. The entire album has an 80s-pop-meets-Rock-n-Roll vibe. Feel free to dance around and play air guitar in your room!

They portray fantastically their youthful, playful and nostalgic personality perfectly through their music. Danielle, the middle Haim sister and lead vocalist, has a soothing, smooth, voice, similar to Stevie Nicks. Alana and Este play an diverse ensemble including the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and percussion. Not to mention, they all have a killer sense of style that screams bohemian meets vintage rocker. I am definitely adding to them to my list of fashion inspirations. It seems that there is nothing these women can’t do, and they serve as an example that if you are passionate about your dreams they will come true!

Listen to HAIM’s full album on Spotify and trust me, you will fall in love! 

Happy listening!

Peace out,

Nicole Klock

Twitter: Killah_KLOCK

IG: killahklock


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