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An Insider’s Tip: How to Win the Fashion Game

Do you find yourself glowing green with envy at the sight your friend’s new pair of tailored selvedge denim? We analyze other people’s outfits, mimic them or mould their style into our own. For the fashion conscious, it is a constant internal challenge to wear an outfit better than the last. As an overall college population, we push each other to dress better than one another and it turns into a game of who can express their fashion the best. If you want to be in first place and turn heads with your killer fashion, look no further than these celebrity clothing lines. You can be at the top of the game and dress like a million bucks…for less.These are the clothes you MUST have in your closet this season since they have the celebrity-stamp of approval.

image 1

Kardashian Kollection

Where to buy: Sears

Television’s hottest family makes a big (bigger than Kim’s derrière) impact on the fashion scene with their Kardashian Kollection for Sears. Their Winter/Fall collection has everything you need for a monochrome closet. Pieces range from black to white with scattered red, blue, and olive accents. You will surely get your money’s worth of shoddy workmanship from these clothes because we never invest in high-quality, timeless pieces. The best part of the Kardashian Kollection is that you can find the perfect blender to match your new KK outfit!image 3 image 2

image 8

Adam Levine

Where to buy: KMart

Why buy generic solid tees and shawl cardigans from H&M when you can buy them for the same quality and price from Adam Levine’s line at KMart? By wearing these clothes, fellas, you can woo the ladies just like the sexy Maroon 5 singer himself. You can stand out from other guys wearing slim fit jeans and plaid flannels because your clothes were made by Adam Levine. Take a new spin on basics by adding a pop of celebrity name. Your Adam Levine burnout crewneck tee will look much better than your friend’s average top from that other mall store.

image 4


image 9

Nicki Minaj Collection

Where to buy: KMart


Do you need a new outfit for the sold-out concert at the Barclay’s Center this weekend? You can stay on your fashion game proper with the help of Nicki Minaj’s collection at KMart. Right after your last Friday class lets out: change into your matching Mixed Animal Print Leggings and Bomber Jacket and rush over to mic check.

image 6


This line caters to the common music entertainer and makes us all look like bubble-gum-pink clones of Nicki Minaj, minus the curves. Ms. Nicki models her clothes on the Kmart website so you can easily envision what the clothes will look like on your own body. You will be sure to nail a job interview for corporate America wearing this matching “Barbz Pink” bandage skirt and bolero jacket duo.

image 5


image 10

Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez

Where to buy: KMart


The retro look is in style, influencing today’s clothing, accessories, hairstyles and more. Take it a step further and rock the middle school look with Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez. Go back in time and shop in the Junior’s section because shopping in the women’s section is too mainstream. This grown-up-looking French Terry Blazer will sure to not have any shape and to not highlight the best parts of your body You can get this blazer in three colors (black, charcoal/black, and grey) for only $18 (originally $20). What a bargain!

image 7


Growing up is such a drab so embrace your youth by wearing graphic, glitter t-shirts and sweatpants with the words “Dream Out Loud” printed down one pant leg. No one wants to be seen wearing the same clothes as someone else and I guarantee that you will be the only person on campus wearing DOL.  When you’re ready come and get it…before that girl with the awesome style starts wearing Selena Gomez.


Step up your F-game,  “Fashion” game, that is. Trust these clothing lines to take you to victory and make you look like a celebrity. Their price caters to the budget-conscious and their quality caters to the fashion-in-conscious. If your everyday outfits are becoming stale, these brands will give your wardrobe the fresh update that it needs. The key to winning the Fashion game is by sporting these celebrity lines; Let Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians style your outfits and everyone will be envying you. Be at the forefront of college fashion this Fall/Winter  season as long as your clothes are branded with a celebrity’s name.


Share this insider’s tip with your friends and you can win bonus points for the game.


Game on, fashionistas and fashionistos!

Katrina Labayen


Instagram: @Katrizzlybear



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