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Stay Warm, Stay Cute

Looking hot is hard when it’s cold. Going out tends to look a lot less appealing when its below forty degrees, but come on…huddling under the covers and sleeping the weekend away is not exactly the definition of living it up. If you want to have a good time, you don’t have to choose between looking like a marshmallow in your winter coat or freezing to death in your cute dress – welcome to the happy (warm) medium:



(Faux) Leather Jackets

A staple of your party wardrobe. Chic, relatively cheap outerwear that doesn’t really look like outerwear.

Long sleeve crop tops

Baring your midriff isn’t just for the summertime. Zip up when you’re outside, obviously, but once you’re in the party, or the bar, or wherever you are, flaunt your frostbite-free skin with pride.

Leggings and Tights

Specifically, fleece-lined leggings and sweater tights. Personally, these keep me warmer than my jeans and they are a good way to add color and/or texture to your outfit.


These serve a double function: not only can you can wear your dorky fuzzy socks and without anyone ever knowing, but they’ll also keep your fuzzy sock-clad feet away from that mysterious black grime that’s all over frat party floors.



There’s the obvious layering, like wearing tights with your shorts. But when it’s really cold, wear tights under your jeans or a cardigan under your jacket. Just use your discretion, or you’ll end up back at the “marshmallow” stage.


The “Big Three” of Cheap Party Clothes

  1. forever21

  2. loveculture

  3. charlotterusse

Unfortunately, for every cute item there’s a lot more strange looking, strange fitting ones. I personally wouldn’t recommend shopping online at Love Culture and Charlotte Russe, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recommend the stores.


So that’s about it. Layer it up, live it up!


Carley Chan



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